5 Favorites: Holiday Wreaths by Post by

Issue 49 · Haute Holiday · December 4, 2012

5 Favorites: Holiday Wreaths by Post

Issue 49 · Haute Holiday · December 4, 2012

A round up of our favorite mail-order wreaths for gift giving or holiday door decorating:

Olive and Myrtle Wreath

Above: The Live Olive and Myrtle Wreath is handmade in California and measures 22 inches in diameter; $89 at Pottery Barn.

Repurposed Metal Springs Wreath

Above: A Repurposed Metal Springs Wreath made from six steel springs wired together; it measures about 13.5" in diameter and is $16 from Rustic Wren Antiques via Etsy. Display as is or add garden greenery to the form:

Repurposed Metal Springs Wreath

Above: The springs will hold even small boughs in place (L); a spring of holly (R).

Pepperberry and Birch Wreath

Above: For traditionalists, a 17-inch Pepperberry and Birch Wreath, made with green spruce, is $98 from Terrain.

Emily Thompson Wreaths

Above: Brooklyn Florist Emily Thompson (who notably decorated the White House last Christmas) of Emily Thompson Flowers makes holiday wreaths to order. Those available for shipping include the Wreath of Rosehip Floribunda (L) hung with velvet ribbon, and the Wreath of Norway Spruce Cones (R) made with pear branches. Available in 24- or 30-inch diameter sizes; $85 to $245 depending on size. Emily Thompson Flowers offers more wreath options for local pickup or delivery.

Flora Grubb Silvertree Wreath

Above: San Francisco's Flora Grubb Gardens, the Fresh Silvertree Wreath has shimmery leucadendron argenteum leaves, rosemary stems, sempervivum rosettes, and kalanchoe cuttings. It measures approximately 24 inches in diameter; $250. For more gift ideas, see Flora Grubb's Living Ornaments.

N.B.: For more holiday gift ideas, see our House Gifts section.

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