10 Favorites: Exposed Copper Pipes as Decor by

Issue 67 · Bring on the Spring · April 9, 2013

10 Favorites: Exposed Copper Pipes as Decor

Issue 67 · Bring on the Spring · April 9, 2013

Is copper having a moment? With its heat-conductive properties and oxidation potential (and with scrap prices at an all-time high), copper is synonymous with luxury. Here are five examples of exposed copper done right.

Copper Pipes Used as a Pot Rack in the Kitchen, Remodelista

Above: Copper piping and connectors are cleverly fitted together to form a pot rack in the kitchen; via Bostad.

Copper Pipes at Barber Amsterdam, Remodelista

Above: Copper gleams throughout an the interiors of Barber Amsterdam.

Copper Pipes as Table Legs at Garde in Los Angeles, Remodelista

Above: Custom-made tables featuring copper legs at Garde in Los Angeles. Photo by David John.

Copper Pipes in Plain English Kitchen, Remodelista

Above: Copper pipes extend across the wall in a kitchen by UK company Plain English. For more see our previous post: A Kitchen for the People, Courtesy of Prince Charles.

Copper Pipes in the Bathroom The Old Library Restaurant, Remodelista

Above: Copper piping from the ceiling down to a German work sink at The Old Library in Australia.

Copper Pipes as Kitchen Storage from Freunde von Freunden, Remodelista

Above: Copper pipe shelving in the home of Magnus Reed, via Freunde von Freunden.

Jeff Wardell and Claudia Sagan's Bathroom with Copper Pipes from Dwell, Remodelista

Above: Exposed copper on view in the SF home of Jeff Wardell and Claudia Sagan; via Dwell.

DIY Copper Pipe Coatrack from Love Aesthetics, Remodelista

Above: A DIY coat rack from Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics.

Copper Pipes as Storage Rack in the Kitchen, Remodelista

Above: Copper pipes double as a storage rack; from VT Wonen.

Bisazza's Bagno Collection with Copper Pipes, Remodelista

Above: Copper piping is used in Bisazza's Bagno Collection.

Daniella Witte's DIY Copper Light Fixture, Remodelista

Above: Designer Daniella Witte fashioned a ceiling light fixture from copper pipes that looms over her work table.

Copper Pipes above a Double Sink, Remodelista

Above: Copper pipes are partially hidden behind the bathroom mirror at Archangel Hotel; see Hotels & Lodging: Archangel Hotel in England.

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on May 4, 2012.

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