ISSUE 65  |  Belgium and Beyond

5 Favorites: Belgian Linen Curtains

March 25, 2013 5:30 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

Here at Remodelista we're all obsessed with anything linen, and lately a hot topic has been curtains. Here are five drapery options we like (and use):

Above: I'm a big advocate of the Ikea Aina Linen Curtain. It's available in white, natural, gray, and pink; $49.99 for a set of two panels. Photo via More Ways to Waste Time.

Above: Our friend Tricia Rose (she recently shared her bed-making advice with us in Pillow Talk: 7 Secrets to Making a Perfect Bed), offers two types of linen curtains, Orkney or Smooth, in natural or white via Rough Linen.

Above: Michelle's solution to linen curtains: Order the fabric and sew them yourself. For more details, see 5 Strategies For Covering 50 Windows for Under a Million Dollars.

Above: The Sheer Belgian Linen Drapery from Restoration Hardware is currently on sale and starts at $79, depending on length. They offer several different linen draperies.

Above: Alexa bought CB2s Belgian French Linen Panels in white and hung them in her apartment; $59.95 for the 108-inch length pane (if you have shorter windows, as is the case above the window seat at Alexa's apartment, you can cut each panel in half and easily re-sew the hem).

N.B.: Trying to keep your nosy neighbor from peeking into your living room? Here are a few more drapery options to consider.