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Tangerine Dream: 10 Rooms with Unexpected Color

June 24, 2013 5:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

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I’ll admit that I’m a little afraid of the color orange; I just can’t quite get it right. Everything in my apartment is neutral, neutral, neutral—it sounds boring but I think it’s a good palette to build from. If you’re like me and find yourself a little resistant to bold color, here is a jumping off point: 10 ways to use bright, shocking orange color, indoors and out.

Above: A bright orange countertop and muted orange floor in the São Paulo kitchen of Guilherme Torres from A Magical Kitchen in Brazil.

Above: A graphic, orange painted floor and black and orange rope chairs at Fonda Windsor in Melbourne, Australia.

Above: Hot orange taper candles in a traditional chandelier at Hacienda San Angel in Puerto Vallarta, photographed by Kim Johnson of Desire to Inspire.

Above: Dark stained wood contrasts against a wall painted in deep orange at Häringe Slott, a castle that functions as a hotel on the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden.

Above: A neon color band is added to the dining-area banquets in an Amsterdam home from Personality, not Perfection, in Amsterdam.

Above: Two bits of orange in a bedroom at Ocho al Cubo House in Marbella, Chile, designed by Sebastian Irarrazaval via ArchDaily.

Above: A concrete bath with orange Vola fixtures via Iaian Claridge.

Above: Two bright orange Acapulco Chairs in a Southern California garden. The chairs are by Innit Designs and priced at $475 each from Horne. Photograph from Moroccan Tiles from Kismet.

Above: A reddish orange paint is used as a bold accent throughout Andrea Summa and Marlo Trejos’ home in the province of Roche in Uruguay from Simply Red: A Vacation House in Uruguay.

Above: Orange artwork against concrete at the Sorrento House in Australia by Robert Mills Architects via Mexican Architects.

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