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Domestic Science: 10 Natural Cleaning Solutions for the Bathroom

June 20, 2016 8:00 AM

BY Alexa Hotz

Keeping things generally picked up and uncluttered doesn’t have quite the same impact in the bathroom as it does in other living spaces. Bathrooms require real elbow grease. But the feeling of bleach against skin and the lingering scent of chemical cleansers is not a requisite for porcelain and tile sparkle.

We like mixing our own cleaning solutions, but when going the store-bought route, we turn to these natural cleaners. Paired with an arsenal of bristly brushes, they do the trick and leave behind a pleasingly subtle bouquet.

The Laundress Scented Vinegar Set

Above: The Laundress’s eco-friendly cleaners contain ingredients such as white vinegar (blended with rose, bergamot, and thyme essential oils) and “plant-derived grease-cutting agent (triethyl citrate).” A trio, Scented Vinegar, All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate, and Glass Cleaner, is $36 at Food52.

Common Good Bathroom Cleaner

Above: Made with lactic acid for removing soap and lime scale, Common Good’s Bathroom Cleaner is free of a host of undesirables (dyes, bleach, phthalates); $8 per bottle.


Above: It’s Aesop’s blend of lemon, tangerine, and mandarin (and not the concoction’s name) that earns Post-Poo Drops a spot on our list—because a truly clean bathroom extends to air quality. Made in collaboration with French fashion line A.P.C., and also known as Gouttes Anti-Odeur de Merde, the deodorizer, $29 for 3.4 fluid ounces, is so popular that it’s currently sold out.

Lucile Demory Lavendar Water

Above: A tip from our friend Lucile Demory in Paris: Thanks to its antiseptic qualities, lavender essential oil diluted in warm water works well as a cleaning solution. Mix your own or consider the Good Home Co.’s Lavender Glass and Surface Cleaner; $18. Photograph from Style Counsel: Unfussy French Girl Style with Lucile Demory.

C.O. Bigelow Peach Nut Oil Cleanser

Above: C.O. Bigelow’s Peach Nut Oil Liquid Soap is made for everything from the face and body to household cleaning and boat washing. The peach-kernel-oil-based solution should be diluted in two gallons of warm water for general cleaning; $15.

Truce Scouring Powder

Above: Made for cleaning sinks, tubs, and shower walls, Truce’s Scouring Powder combines borax with baking soda, salt, and peppermint oil. It’s offered in a pour bottle for $7.49, and Scouring Powder Refill bags are $5.49.

Planet Luxe Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Above: From Australia, the Planet Luxe Toilet Cleaner, with top notes of Australian eucalyptus blue gum, pine, and lavender—and free of ammonia, bleach, and chlorine—is $16 AUD ($12.23 USD).

Murchison Hume Ladies Bathroom Cleaner

Above: A Remodelista favorite, Murchison-Hume’s grapefruit-scented Ladies Bathroom Cleaner is $9 from The Line. The Boys’ Bathroom Cleaner, $7 at Mill Mercantile, is a similar formulation with a little more grit.

Mrs Meyer's Everyday Surface Cleaner

Above: From the ubiquitous Mrs. Meyer, a Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner formulated to clean surfaces, walls, fixtures, and tile. Available in nine varieties, including radish and geranium, the solution is $3.99 from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day.

JR Watkins All Purpose Cleaner

Above: J.R. Watkins All-Purpose Cleaner contains sugar-derived solvents and lavender and lemon peel oils; $4.49 each. For a stronger clean, J.R. Watkins offers additional bathroom cleaning products.

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N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on April 18, 2015.