10 Relaxation-Inducing Indoor Hammocks by

Issue 92 · Happier at Home · September 30, 2013

10 Relaxation-Inducing Indoor Hammocks

Issue 92 · Happier at Home · September 30, 2013

Can a hammock make you happier? There's no evidence, of course, but we think an indoor hammock might help us make it through the winter (reminding us of leisurely summer afternoons, book and cocktail in hand).

Coqui Hammock Remodelista

Above: A room at the Coqui Coqui in Mexico, discovered via The Selby.

Indoor Orange Hammock Remodelista

Above: A hammock in a summer house in Sweden, via Style Files.

Tile Floor Hammock Remodelista

Above: An indoor hammock at the Casa dei Poeti, a guest house on Stromboli, off the coast of Sicily, via The Travel Files.

Hotel Daniel Indoor Hammock Remodelista

Above: Rooms at the Hotel Daniel in Vienna feature hammocks (see more at Luxe Urban Camping: The Hotel Daniel Airstream in Vienna).

Red Striped Hammocks Indoors Remodelista

Above: A pair of striped hammocks in a Swedish loft space; photo by Jonas Ingerstedt.

Atelier Bow Wow Hammock Remodelista

Above: An interior hammock in the Nora House by Atelier Bow Wow.

Indoor Hammock Sweden Loft Remodelista

Above: A vacation house in Breezy Point, NY, via Country Living

Eames Rocker Hammock Remodelista

Above: A Southern California living room via A Beautiful Mess.

Playroom Hammock Fiddle Fern Remodelista

Above: A similar family-friendly hammock, via Cakies.

Pia Wallen Blanket Hammock Remodelista

Above: A nap corner in a Swedish country house, styled by Lotta Agaton.

 Want to make your own hammock? See DIY: Instant Summer Hammock.  And don't miss our past posts on calm and composed designs.

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