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16 Ways to Feather Your Nest

November 05, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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Is the feather the new decorating motif of the season? We’re starting to think so (and not just because Thanksgiving is on the horizon).

Above: A mantel setting via Design Love Fest.

Above: A beachcomber’s collection of quills taped on a kitchen wall. Photograph by Bill Batten from Collected, Living with the Things You Love, a new book by Fritz Karch and Rebecca Robertson.

Above: Jennifer Hagler of A Merry Mishap affixed feathers to the wall with washi tape to create instant bedroom art.

Above: Gardenista contributor Laura Silverman collects feathers on her walks in the woods and repurposes them as decor throughout her house (see At Home in Sullivan County, Turkey Feathers Included).

Above: A feather wall via Imogene and Willie.

Above: A feather installation in the home of Ja Soon Kim in New Mexico, via Design Sponge.

Above: Laura Silverman’s bedroom displays.

Above: Domino contributing editor Nathan Turner devised a floral-free Thanksgiving table setting using pheasant feathers.

Above: For a Christmas Eve dinner, stylist Kara Rosenlund sets the table with feathers.

Above: Feathers in Kara Rosenlund’s kitchen.

Above: Black and gold and copper via Plaza Interior.

Above: A DIY feather lampshade via Annaleena’s Hem.

Above: The workspace of photographer Laura Makabresku of Brzesko, Poland.

Above: Strung on a deer buckskin lace, the Feather Garland from the Wonderful Collective features 24 feathers and measures 61 inches long; $50.

Above: An array of subtly colored feathers via Sibella Court.

Above: At a Marin County wedding celebration, paper feather garlands flutter in the Headlands reception hall. Photograph via Green Wedding Shoes. For something similar, consider the Paper Feather Garland by Tucker Reece on Etsy ($14.95 for 18 feathers on three yards of twine).

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N.B.: This post is an update: The original ran on November 25, 2013, as part of our Giving Thanks issue.