10 Easy Pieces: Design-Worthy Dustpans by

Issue 33 · Summer Cottage · August 20, 2014

10 Easy Pieces: Design-Worthy Dustpans

Issue 33 · Summer Cottage · August 20, 2014

When did the dustpan get so stylish? Here are a dozen from around the world that are too handsome to relegate to the utility closet.

Andree Jardin Dustpan | Remodelista

Above: The Dustpan by Mr and Mrs Clynk for Andrée Jardin is made of French beechwood and galvanized steel, and is available in orange or blue; €24 from Andrée Jardin.

  Geoffrey Fisher Trook Broom Pan | Remodelista

Above: Handmade in the UK by Geoffrey Fisher, the Trook Broom and Pan is $68 from Flora Grubb. In the UK, the Trook Dustpan and Brush is £39.50 from TwentyTwentyOne.

Riess Dustpan | Remodelista

Above: Made in Austria by a company that dates back to 1550, the porcelain enamelware Reiss Dustpan is $25 (down from $30) at Restoration Hardware.

  West Elm Dustpan Set | Remodelista

Above: The Dustpan and Brush Set from West Elm is available in two sizes: the small is $19 (down from $24), and the large is $27 (down from $34).

Japanese Dustpan No. 6 Objects of Use | Remodelista

Above: The handmade galvanized steel Dustpan No. 6 from Tokyo is £8 at Objects of Use.

R. Russell Dustpan | Remodelista

Above: Made by R. Russell of Chesham, Buckinghamshire, Dustpan No. 1 is £8.50 from Objects of Use. The hand broom shown here is currently not available, but a similar design, Hand Broom No. 3, made of horsehair and beechwood, is £12.50.

Stainless Steel Dustpan Labour and Wait | Remodelista

Above: The aluminum Giant Dustpan is £36 from Labour and Wait in the UK. In the US, the Professional 17-Inch-Wide Aluminum Dust Pan is $24.68 from Home Depot.

Patent Ochsner Dustpan Brush | Remodelista

Above: From Swiss company Patent Ochsner, the stainless steel, beechwood, and horsehair Dustpan Set is SFR 45 ($49.50).

Redecker Chrome Dustpan and Brush | Remodelista

Above: The Redecker Stainless Steel Dustpan and Brush is £20 from Plain Useful. In the US, the Redecker Stainless Steel Dustpan is $25 à la carte at Nessentials.

Red Dust Pan Crate and Barrel | Remodelista

Above: The steel, powder-coated Red Dustpan is $9.95, and the Redecker Natural Dustpan Brush is $14.95, both at Crate & Barrel.

Menu Sweeper Funnel | Remodelista

Above: Designer Jan Kochanski's Menu Sweeper and Funnel is $49.95 from Huset Shop.

Redecker Stainless Steel Dustpan | Remodelista

Above: The stainless steel, beechwood, and horsehair Dustpan and Broom Set by Redecker is $68 from the Joinery.

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