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15 Best Online Shops for Japanese Housewares Design

January 23, 2017 6:00 AM

BY Julie Carlson

When we launched Remodelista a few years back, it was almost impossible to source the hauntingly beautiful housewares of Japan. Things have improved dramatically; here are our top 15 online sources for Japanese design (some have brick-and-mortar stores as well).


Above: Native & Co. in Notting Hill, London, offers a wide range of goods from Japan, from Edo Kiriko cut glass to ceramics to brass accessories from Oji Masanori.

Nalata Nalata Shop in New York City

Above: Nalata Nalata, a shop out of New York City, sells Japanese products for the kitchen, bath, living, and dining rooms.

Peter Ivy Glassware Glass Bottle

Above: We discovered the work of glass artist Peter Ivy via Tortoise General Store, in Venice Beach, a must-visit when you’re next in Los Angeles.


Above: Rikumo in Philadelphia offers a wide range of housewares and office accessories from Japan, including the Tainetsu Stovetop Ceramic Plates ($34 each), from Banko Yaki in Mie Prefecture.


Above: Oen in London is a longtime Remodelista source for Japanese goods; the Tall Black Teapot by Naotsuga Yoshida is £145.

Chabako Tea Box by Masanobu Ando at Mjölk

Above: Toronto shop Mjölk sells a variety of Japanese design across furniture, lighting, and kitchen goods. Shown here is the Chabako Tea Box by Masanobu Ando.

Mukumono Small Plate from Mr. Kitly

Above: Mr. Kitly in Australia sells Japanese wares like this Mukumono Small Plate for $20 AUD ($26 USD).

Makié Silver Spoon

Above: Makié in New York sells clothing for women and children as well as Japanese housewares like this Silver Spoon by Naho Kamada; $85.

Yoshihiko Takahasi Glass Pitcher

Above: Sam Hamilton of March, in San Francisco, recently started stocking the work of Japanese glass master Yoshihiko Takahashi; beyond beautiful. Shown here is the Tall Glass Pitcher and the Glass Lipped Bowl.

RetRe Wormy Wood Flower Vase

Above: The RetRe Wormy Wood Flower Vase is one of the many housewares available at IFJ Japanese Products Trading in Japan.

Coffee Pouring Pot at Anzu in New York

Above: Anzu in New York specializes in kitchen and dining goods from Japan. Shown here is the Coffee Pouring Pot by Takashi Horiuchi; $160.

Toru Hatsuta Sanposha Kago Bamboo Bag

Above: Analogue Life in Japan ships goods abroad. Shown here is the Sanposha Kago Bamboo Bag by Toru Hatsuta; $320.

Umami Mart Japanese Shop in Oakland, California

Above: A dizzying array of Japanese essentials are available from Umami Mart out of Oakland. For more, see Japanese Style Comes to Oakland.

Readymade Round Weekender

Above: Kitchen gear like this Japanese Readymade Weekender Round Dutch Oven ($255) is available at Ukiyo Home in Chicago.

Ippin Project Store Chopstick Rest Set

Above: A Set of 5 Chopsticks Rests by Arita-ware Komon is $35, one of the many items available at Ippin Project.

More of our favorite sources for kitchen accessories? Take a shopping trip around the world with us:

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on October 27, 2014.