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Trend Alert: 21st Century Scalloping


Trend Alert: 21st Century Scalloping

April 13, 2021

Prissy, preppy, the doily school of decorating—for years now, there’s been a lot not to like about scalloped detailing. But recently, a brighter, bolder version has emerged that we’ve been admiring—label it late-pandemic buoyancy (or the fact that we’re all in need of a bit of fun). Here, 15 notable interiors and designs with scalloping. Consider adding a few ripples to your own quarters.

scalloped trim on a banquette in a paneled pool house in la by frances merrill  17
Above: Scalloped trim on a banquette in a paneled pool house in LA by Frances Merrill of Reath Interiors. Photograph by Laure Joliet, courtesy of Reath Interiors.
a bold painted border in a &#8\2\20;sleep meets study&#8\2\2\1; design  18
Above: A bold painted border in a “sleep-meets-study” design for a teen by Homestyle magazine of New Zealand (@homestylemag). Styled by Sam van Kan, photograph by Wendy Fenwick, courtesy of Homestyle.
scalloped detailing at the bode boutique in downtown nyc by aaron aujla and ben 19
Above: Scalloped detailing at the Bode boutique in downtown NYC by Aaron Aujla and Ben Bloomstein of Green River Project.
a bench by the artist/furniture maker/designers at green river project. 20
Above: A bench by the artist/furniture-maker/designers at Green River Project.
uk queen of scalloping, matilda goad is known for her lampshades (see below). s 21
Above: UK queen of scalloping, Matilda Goad is known for her lampshades (see below). Shown here, her West London kitchen with granite backsplash. See Trend Alert: Sculptural Backsplashes for more ideas. Photograph courtesy of Matilda Goad.
a victorian sink in a bath, england, bathroom design by berdoulat studio. the b 22
Above: A Victorian sink in a Bath, England, bathroom design by Berdoulat Studio. The bowl is painted in Fired Earth’s Tempest (“a strong favorite of ours,” says Berdoulat’s Patrick Williams). Stay tuned for the opening of the Berdoulat store in Bath. Photograph courtesy of Berdoulat Studio.
anthropologie&#8\2\17;s white washed scalloped shelf, \$78, is \18 inches l 23
Above: Anthropologie’s white-washed Scalloped Shelf, $78, is 18 inches long and 8 inches deep. Find others like it on Etsy.
a console table in a guest room at the côte d’azur&#8\2\17;s ho 24
Above: A console table in a guest room at the Côte d’Azur’s Hotel le Sud designed by Stéphanie Lizée. See more in A Guesthouse Inspired by Picasso.
a matilda goad signature scalloped lampshade in raffia, \$\2\2\2, in a bedroom  25
Above: A Matilda Goad Signature Scalloped Lampshade in Raffia, $222, in a bedroom by Lonika Chande from A London Designer’s Remodel for a Demanding Client (Her Mother). Photograph by Simon Brown, courtesy of Lonika Chande Interior Design.
a scalloped canopy in interior designer beata heuman&#8\2\17;s daughter& 26
Above: A scalloped canopy in interior designer Beata Heuman’s daughter’s room. See A Rising Star’s Spirited London Home: ‘Every Room Should Sing!’ Photograph courtesy of Beata Heuman.
striped scalloping crowns a built in bed in a kid&#8\2\17;s room by stockho 27
Above: Striped scalloping crowns a built-in bed in a kid’s room by Stockholm interior designer Daniel Östman.  Photograph courtesy of Daniel Östman Interiors.
a memorable coverlet in the bulbul room at the ahilya fort hotel in maheshwar,  28
Above: A memorable coverlet in the Bulbul Room at the Ahilya Fort Hotel in Maheshwar, India, named for the bulbul songbirds that like to nest on its balcony. Photograph by Paul Whitbread from AD India.
sawkille&#8\2\17;s scalloped bench is available in three woods and thee siz 29
Above: Sawkille’s Scalloped Bench is available in three woods and thee sizes. Ebonized American black walnut is shown here.
a painted pine potting table by la interior designer shopkeepers—and sta 30
Above: A painted pine Potting Table by LA interior designer-shopkeepers—and stars of scalloping—Nickey Kehoe. Photograph by Timothy Ragan, courtesy of Nickey Kehoe.
london furniture makers bibbings & hensby&#8\2\17;s scalloped bench is  31
Above: London furniture makers Bibbings & Hensby’s Scalloped Bench is reminiscent of antique Spanish and Mexican designs.
bergs potter of copenhagen has been making planters in tuscany for nearly 80 ye 32
Above: Bergs Potter of Copenhagen has been making planters in Tuscany for nearly 80 years. Its Helena Pot and Saucer, $52 for the medium size, is one of several designs finished with scalloping. The full line is available from Terrain.

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Frequently asked questions

What is scalloping/scalloped detailing?

Scalloping/scalloped detailing is a design trend that involves adding curved, semicircular edges to fabrics, furniture, and home decor items to create a whimsical and playful aesthetic.

What types of items can have scalloping/scalloped detailing?

Scalloping/scalloped detailing can be added to a wide range of items, including curtains, lampshades, throw pillows, sofas, chairs, and even walls and ceilings.

What are the benefits of adding scalloping/scalloped detailing to my home decor?

Scalloping/scalloped detailing can add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to your home decor. It can also soften sharp angles and bring a sense of harmony and fluidity to a room.

What types of materials are commonly used for scalloping/scalloped detailing?

A variety of materials can be used for scalloping/scalloped detailing, including fabric, wood, and metal. Soft, flowy fabrics like silk and linen are often used for curtains and pillows, while wood and metal are used for furniture and decor items.

How can I incorporate scalloping/scalloped detailing into my home decor?

There are many ways to incorporate scalloping/scalloped detailing into your home decor, from adding scalloped curtains or lampshades to using furniture with scalloped edges. You can also use scalloped decor items like mirrors or artwork to add a playful touch to a room.

Is scalloping/scalloped detailing a timeless design trend?

Scalloping/scalloped detailing has been a popular design trend for many decades. Its playful and whimsical aesthetic is unlikely to go out of style anytime soon, making it a timeless design trend.

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