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The Architect Is In: A Home in the Hamptons, Designed to Endure


The Architect Is In: A Home in the Hamptons, Designed to Endure

July 21, 2012

A family spanning four generations (ranging in age from one to 80) wanted their house in the Hamptons to go the extra mile for subsequent generations to come. This week, Viola Rouhani from Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects (formerly Stelle Architects) talks about how to create buildings that will last a lifetime (and beyond). For the next 48 hours, Rouhani is available to answer your queries; leave your questions in the comments section below.

Located in the dunes of Amagansett, the existing courtyard house was much loved but in need of a serious upgrade. Reluctant to part with the relaxed inside-outside theme of the original structure, the owners called in Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects (formerly Stelle Architects); beach house experts of the Hamptons with a low key style and non invasive approach. The architects rebuilt the house on the existing footprint retaining the original charm and scale while upgrading systems and adding bedrooms; creating a low maintenance, durable home with a small carbon footprint. Easy to maintain and efficient to run, what more could the next generation ask for?

Photography by Matthew Carbone.

700 rmcarbone stelle gellos 15

Above: “The house has been designed to go the extra measure to make sure it lasts longer,” says Rouhani. Western Red Cedar siding was selected because of its ability to tolerate the damaging weathering effects of salt and sand. The cedar siding has a protective stain to cut the UV rays.

700 rmcarbone stelle gellos 14

Above: The house is comprised of a two-story bedroom wing and a one-story living space centered around an exterior courtyard. A breezeway between the two wings completely opens up in the summer.

700 rmcarbone stelle gellos 06

Above: The inside/outside theme, typical of low-key beach architecture, is relaxed and informal. Protection from the sun is integral to the design of the outdoor space: “Every meal happens in that courtyard,” says Rouhani.

700 rmcarbone stelle gellos 18

Above: Design decisions at Stelle are inspired by the indigenous environment; “we strive to create environments that respect the beauty and fragility of the natural landscape,” the architects say.

700 rmcarbone stelle gellos 05

Above: Furnishings are simple and minimal.

700 rmcarbone stelle gellos 01

Above: The minimally detailed stairs and railing combine wood and metal.

700 rmcarbone stelle gellos 03

Above: The hallway to the bedrooms takes full advantage of the views, with windows on both sides.

700 rmcarbone stelle gellos 04

Above: The bathrooms feature hard-wearing, durable materials which are easy to maintain.

700 rmcarbone stelle gellos 08

Above: The architects articulate the indoor/outdoor theme further by exposing the flues of the fireplaces.

700 rmcarbone stelle gellos 20

Above: The rain screed wall which protects against moisture is made up of horizontal channel siding with a reveal detail.

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