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Trend Alert: Short and Stout Beeswax Candles for Long Winter Nights


Trend Alert: Short and Stout Beeswax Candles for Long Winter Nights

January 12, 2023

Stubby beeswax candles have been proliferating of late. Not as formal as tapers, less church-like than pillar candles, they provide a cozy, long-lasting flame as you work, dine, and dance through the dark winter days.

Wholesaler Moorlands Candles, Ted Thompson’s family-run workshop founded in 1981 in Cumbria, England, seems to make the majority of these hand-dipped designs—and to have ignited the trend. Other candlemakers have followed suit. And a number of workshops have come up with a wardrobe of holders for these singular, stumpy candles.

london&#8\2\17;s wax atelier makes stubby candles in pink blossom, a blend  17
Above: London’s Wax Atelier makes Stubby Candles in Pink Blossom, a blend of beeswax and rose wax with a subtle scent. Other colors available, including Sage, made from beeswax and green tea; £21 a pair.
hand dipped beeswax candles made in the north of england come in a range of sha 18
Above: Hand-dipped beeswax candles made in the north of England come in a range of shapes and sizes from UK-based Etsy vendor Merchant Venturers. Stumpie candles (far right) have an estimated burn time of 12 hours and are $14.29 a pair.
hand dipped in canada, ausdruck offers stubby candles for \$\25 a pair cad in a 19
Above: Hand-dipped in Canada, Ausdruck offers Stubby Candles for $25 a pair CAD in a trio of shades: Charcoal, Cotton, and Nude.
a pair of  wide beeswax tapers made in winnipeg, canada, is \$38.50, from  20
Above: A pair of  Wide Beeswax Tapers made in Winnipeg, Canada, is $38.50, from June Home Supply. At Land of Kingston, NY, offers similar Beeswax Stubby Tapers, made by Skar Organics of  Leeds, England, for $42 a pair.
casa gonzalez y gonzalez in madrid makes its own hammered large brass candlehol 21
Above: Casa Gonzalez y Gonzalez in Madrid makes its own hammered Large Brass Candleholders, €16.60, and sells pairs of Giant English Beeswax Candles for €22.91. Large Copper Candleholders also available. Read about the shop in our post Better Tools for Living.
from objects of use in oxford, england: hand dipped beeswax stumpie candles are 22
Above: From Objects of Use in Oxford, England: Hand-Dipped Beeswax Stumpie Candles are £18 a pair, and Giant Stubby Candles with a 24 hour estimated burn time are £26.75 a pair, all made in Cumbria. A Hand-Thrown Faceted Candleholder of carved, unglazed stoneware is £25.

Of the variety of beeswax colors, Moorlands Candles notes, “Like honey, these naturally vary in color from a deep golden orange through to light creamy yellows with an occasional dusty bloom, and are blessed both in storage and in use with a glorious honeyed scent.”

from remodelista haunt pod in cambridge, massachusetts, a pair of 4&#8\243; 23
Above: From Remodelista haunt Pod in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a pair of 4″ Stubby Beeswax Tapers are $24, and a pair of 8″ Stubby Beeswax Tapers are $30—made in Northern England of hand-dipped beeswax. Stoneware candleholder available separately but currently sold out; inquire with the shop.
from the weald store, a beeswax candles and candleholder gift box is £37. 24
Above: From the Weald Store, a Beeswax Candles and Candleholder Gift Box is £37.
a stubby/tea light candleholder made by eleanor torbati is £\28 on its own 25
Above: A Stubby/Tea Light Candleholder made by Eleanor Torbati is £28 on its own and £40 with a pair of beeswax candles from The Merchant’s Table.

Featured image from The Future Kept.

More notable candles and candleholders:

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Frequently asked questions

What are stumpy beeswax candles?

Stumpy beeswax candles are short, squat candles made from pure beeswax.

Why are stumpy beeswax candles trending?

Stumpy beeswax candles are trending because they are eco-friendly, sustainable, and have a long burn time. They also have a unique, rustic look that appeals to many people.

How are stumpy beeswax candles made?

Stumpy beeswax candles are made by pouring melted beeswax into molds and allowing it to harden. The candles are then removed from the molds and trimmed to size.

Are stumpy beeswax candles expensive?

Stumpy beeswax candles tend to be more expensive than traditional wax candles because beeswax is a more expensive material. However, because beeswax candles have a longer burn time, they may be more cost-effective in the long run.

How do I care for my stumpy beeswax candles?

To care for your stumpy beeswax candles, trim the wick to ¼ inch before each use. Keep the candle away from drafts, and burn for no more than 4 hours at a time. Store the candle in a cool, dry place when not in use.

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