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Trend Alert: Short and Stout Beeswax Candles for Long Winter Nights


Trend Alert: Short and Stout Beeswax Candles for Long Winter Nights

January 12, 2023

Stubby beeswax candles have been proliferating of late. Not as formal as tapers, less church-like than pillar candles, they provide a cozy, long-lasting flame as you work, dine, and dance through the dark winter days.

Wholesaler Moorlands Candles, Ted Thompson’s family-run workshop founded in 1981 in Cumbria, England, seems to make the majority of these hand-dipped designs—and to have ignited the trend. Other candlemakers have followed suit. And a number of workshops have come up with a wardrobe of holders for these singular, stumpy candles.

london&#8\2\17;s wax atelier makes stubby candles in pink blossom, a blend  14
Above: London’s Wax Atelier makes Stubby Candles in Pink Blossom, a blend of beeswax and rose wax with a subtle scent. Other colors available, including Sage, made from beeswax and green tea; £21 a pair.
hand dipped beeswax candles made in the north of england come in a range of sha 15
Above: Hand-dipped beeswax candles made in the north of England come in a range of shapes and sizes from UK-based Etsy vendor Merchant Venturers. Stumpie candles (far right) have an estimated burn time of 12 hours and are $14.29 a pair.
hand dipped in canada, ausdruck offers stubby candles for \$\25 a pair cad in a 16
Above: Hand-dipped in Canada, Ausdruck offers Stubby Candles for $25 a pair CAD in a trio of shades: Charcoal, Cotton, and Nude.
a pair of  wide beeswax tapers made in winnipeg, canada, is \$38.50, from  17
Above: A pair of  Wide Beeswax Tapers made in Winnipeg, Canada, is $38.50, from June Home Supply. At Land of Kingston, NY, offers similar Beeswax Stubby Tapers, made by Skar Organics of  Leeds, England, for $42 a pair.
casa gonzalez y gonzalez in madrid makes its own hammered large brass candlehol 18
Above: Casa Gonzalez y Gonzalez in Madrid makes its own hammered Large Brass Candleholders, €16.60, and sells pairs of Giant English Beeswax Candles for €22.91. Large Copper Candleholders also available. Read about the shop in our post Better Tools for Living.
from objects of use in oxford, england: hand dipped beeswax stumpie candles are 19
Above: From Objects of Use in Oxford, England: Hand-Dipped Beeswax Stumpie Candles are £18 a pair, and Giant Stubby Candles with a 24 hour estimated burn time are £26.75 a pair, all made in Cumbria. A Hand-Thrown Faceted Candleholder of carved, unglazed stoneware is £25.

Of the variety of beeswax colors, Moorlands Candles notes, “Like honey, these naturally vary in color from a deep golden orange through to light creamy yellows with an occasional dusty bloom, and are blessed both in storage and in use with a glorious honeyed scent.”

from remodelista haunt pod in cambridge, massachusetts, a pair of 4&#8\243; 20
Above: From Remodelista haunt Pod in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a pair of 4″ Stubby Beeswax Tapers are $24, and a pair of 8″ Stubby Beeswax Tapers are $30—made in Northern England of hand-dipped beeswax. Stoneware candleholder available separately but currently sold out; inquire with the shop.
from the weald store, a beeswax candles and candleholder gift box is £37. 21
Above: From the Weald Store, a Beeswax Candles and Candleholder Gift Box is £37.
a stubby/tea light candleholder made by eleanor torbati is £\28 on its own 22
Above: A Stubby/Tea Light Candleholder made by Eleanor Torbati is £28 on its own and £40 with a pair of beeswax candles from The Merchant’s Table.

Featured image from The Future Kept.

More notable candles and candleholders:

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