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Shopper’s Diary: Everyday Objects, Artfully Sourced, at Momosan Shop in London


Shopper’s Diary: Everyday Objects, Artfully Sourced, at Momosan Shop in London

November 7, 2016

At Momosan Shop in Hackney, London, Japanese-born designer Momoko Mizutani sources objects that speak to her bicultural identity: a Japanese tea canister, a candle made of beeswax collected from a Sussex honey farm. The objects are all pragmatic and artful for everyday tasks; they “link different cultures in practical, resourceful, and imaginative ways through their use.” Here, our favorite objects from the shop.

Photography courtesy of Momosan Shop.

momosan shop window 17

momosan shop salt and pepper spitzes 19

Above: The patterns on these walnut and ash salt and pepper grinders, made in London by craftsman Tiago Almeida, shift as they are turned; £60 ($73.45).

momosan shop hand curved wooden plates 20

Above: Hand-carved plates from London have an unusual (and ecological) backstory: Park minder Christian Graat rescues fallen trees from public parks and reimagines them into furniture and kitchen goods. These plates are carved from rescued sycamore and oak; £45 ($55.08).

momosan shop wooden cups by kami 21

Above: Japanese wooden cups, carved using a lathe, are “turned until the wall thickness is a couple of millimeters, creating a lightweight paper-like cup”; £42 ($51.41) for medium, £45 ($55.08) for large. Small is not currently available.

momosan shop japanese straw pot mat 22

Above: Durable Japanese Straw Pot Mats are handwoven in Sado, Nilgata—and wouldn’t look out of place hanging on a hook in the kitchen; £17 ($20.81) for small, £20 ($24.48) for large.

momosan shop oil lamp 23

Above: A traditional Oil Lamp, made by a Dutch navigational company, adds light and warmth to cool fall nights; £80 ($97.93).

momosan shop brass hooks 24

Above: When screwed into walls or furniture, diamond-shape Brass Hooks hold bags, kitchen items, jewelry, or even act as cabinet pulls; £24 ($29.38), for a set of two.

momosan shop beeswax candle 25

Above: The hand-rolled Beeswax Candles from Sussex come in sets of two: £5.50 ($6.73) for small, £7 ($8.57) for medium, and £13 ($15.91) for large.

momosan shop palo santo sticks 26

Above: A bundle of two Palo Santo Sticks—a South American wood that emits “sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon” when burned—is £7.50 ($9.18).

momosan shop shuro fiber brush 27

Above: Shuro Fiber Brushes, made in Wakayama, Japan, are naturally water-resistant and come in seven shapes. The small Tawashi Brush (shown) is £6 ($7.34) and is “particularly good for washing vegetables and delicate surfaces.”

momosan shop cherry bark crafts tea caddy 28

Above: The dark red Cherry Bark Tea Caddy “maintains a relatively constant moisture level,” keeping tea leaves dry. Available in polished, £80 ($97.93), or unpolished, £85 ($104.05).

momosan shop cast iron trivets 29

Above: Coming soon: Cast Iron Trivets by a master Japanese craftsman, starting at £46 ($56.31).

momosan shop glass teapot 30

Above: Momosan Shop also has a collection of artful glassware (see our post Trend Alert: 8 Two-Tone Glassware Pieces). The Glass Teapot, made in Milan by a century-old company, is £28 ($34.27).

momosan shop glass candle holders 31

Above: Glass Candle Holders are £28 ($34.27) and are available in two color sets: gray, pink, and amber, or gray, pink, and clear.

momosan shop kitchen cloths 32

Above: A selection of Kitchen Cloths includes blue and red polka-dotted Japanese cloths, woven in the traditional Tenugui method, £5 ($6.12), French linen cloths, £7 ($8.57), and a thick all-purpose German cloth (not currently available).

From kitchen cloths to brushes, we think even the most quotidian objects should be well-designed. For more beautiful basics, see our posts:

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Product summary  Item 6 174Item 7 175

momosan shop oil lamp
Decorative Lanterns

Oil Lamp

£80.00 GBP from Momosan Shop
momosan shop brass hooks
Hooks & Rails

Brass Hooks

£24.00 GBP from Momosan Shop

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