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Shopper’s Diary: Everyday Objects, Artfully Sourced, at Momosan Shop in London


Shopper’s Diary: Everyday Objects, Artfully Sourced, at Momosan Shop in London

November 7, 2016

At Momosan Shop in Hackney, London, Japanese-born designer Momoko Mizutani sources objects that speak to her bicultural identity: a Japanese tea canister, a candle made of beeswax collected from a Sussex honey farm. The objects are all pragmatic and artful for everyday tasks; they “link different cultures in practical, resourceful, and imaginative ways through their use.” Here, our favorite objects from the shop.

Photography courtesy of Momosan Shop.

momosan shop window 9

momosan shop salt and pepper spitzes 11

Above: The patterns on these walnut and ash salt and pepper grinders, made in London by craftsman Tiago Almeida, shift as they are turned; £60 ($73.45).

momosan shop hand curved wooden plates 12

Above: Hand-carved plates from London have an unusual (and ecological) backstory: Park minder Christian Graat rescues fallen trees from public parks and reimagines them into furniture and kitchen goods. These plates are carved from rescued sycamore and oak; £45 ($55.08).

momosan shop wooden cups by kami 13

Above: Japanese wooden cups, carved using a lathe, are “turned until the wall thickness is a couple of millimeters, creating a lightweight paper-like cup”; £42 ($51.41) for medium, £45 ($55.08) for large. Small is not currently available.

momosan shop japanese straw pot mat 14

Above: Durable Japanese Straw Pot Mats are handwoven in Sado, Nilgata—and wouldn’t look out of place hanging on a hook in the kitchen; £17 ($20.81) for small, £20 ($24.48) for large.

momosan shop oil lamp 15

Above: A traditional Oil Lamp, made by a Dutch navigational company, adds light and warmth to cool fall nights; £80 ($97.93).

momosan shop brass hooks 16

Above: When screwed into walls or furniture, diamond-shape Brass Hooks hold bags, kitchen items, jewelry, or even act as cabinet pulls; £24 ($29.38), for a set of two.

momosan shop beeswax candle 17

Above: The hand-rolled Beeswax Candles from Sussex come in sets of two: £5.50 ($6.73) for small, £7 ($8.57) for medium, and £13 ($15.91) for large.

momosan shop palo santo sticks 18

Above: A bundle of two Palo Santo Sticks—a South American wood that emits “sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon” when burned—is £7.50 ($9.18).

momosan shop shuro fiber brush 19

Above: Shuro Fiber Brushes, made in Wakayama, Japan, are naturally water-resistant and come in seven shapes. The small Tawashi Brush (shown) is £6 ($7.34) and is “particularly good for washing vegetables and delicate surfaces.”

momosan shop cherry bark crafts tea caddy 20

Above: The dark red Cherry Bark Tea Caddy “maintains a relatively constant moisture level,” keeping tea leaves dry. Available in polished, £80 ($97.93), or unpolished, £85 ($104.05).

momosan shop cast iron trivets 21

Above: Coming soon: Cast Iron Trivets by a master Japanese craftsman, starting at £46 ($56.31).

momosan shop glass teapot 22

Above: Momosan Shop also has a collection of artful glassware (see our post Trend Alert: 8 Two-Tone Glassware Pieces). The Glass Teapot, made in Milan by a century-old company, is £28 ($34.27).

momosan shop glass candle holders 23

Above: Glass Candle Holders are £28 ($34.27) and are available in two color sets: gray, pink, and amber, or gray, pink, and clear.

momosan shop kitchen cloths 24

Above: A selection of Kitchen Cloths includes blue and red polka-dotted Japanese cloths, woven in the traditional Tenugui method, £5 ($6.12), French linen cloths, £7 ($8.57), and a thick all-purpose German cloth (not currently available).

From kitchen cloths to brushes, we think even the most quotidian objects should be well-designed. For more beautiful basics, see our posts:

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Product summary  Item 7 161Item 8 162

momosan shop oil lamp
Decorative Lanterns

Oil Lamp

£80.00 GBP from Momosan Shop
momosan shop brass hooks
Hooks & Rails

Brass Hooks

£24.00 GBP from Momosan Shop

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