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Trend Alert: 3 New Direct-to-Consumer Companies Shaking Up the Paint Industry


Trend Alert: 3 New Direct-to-Consumer Companies Shaking Up the Paint Industry

March 7, 2019

If you’ve ever painted anything, you know what an ordeal just buying the paint can be. First: you walk into the hardware store and are confronted with a towering wall of hundreds of paint swatches. Then, you’ll need to spend some time in front of the wall, sorting through handfuls of paint chips and trying to picture what they’d look like in your space, despite the harsh fluorescent lighting above you. Finally, after at least one back and forth to the hardware store with your pockets full of paint chips, you tape the swatches up at home, consider them, and have to go back to the store again to get your chosen color—and carry a gallon (or two or three) home with you.

If this sounds familiar, you, like us, will be happy to hear that a few new companies are shaking up the world of paint. All have a direct-to-consumer premise that cuts out the middleman entirely (think the Casper of paints); some will ship your paint directly to you, others have made it their mission to revolutionize paint swatches. Here are three newly launched paint companies on our radar.


backdrop’s motto? &#8\2\20;it&#8\2\17;s not just paint; it&# 17
Above: Backdrop’s motto? “It’s not just paint; it’s your backdrop.” Founded by husband and wife Natalie and Caleb Ebel, the company offers one primer and 50 paint colors in graphic cans, from trendy (“Modern Love”) to timeless (“Italian Plaster”), in standard and semi-gloss finishes. They also offer oversized, adhesive paint swatches that measure one square foot each. Before starting your project, consult their online calculator, where you can plug in the size of your project, how many doors you’ll need to paint, and how many people are painting with you to find out how many supplies you need, no guesswork needed. A portion of proceeds benefits The International Rescue Committee.

Jolie Home

new orleans  and melbourne based jolie home is focused on introducing eco frien 18
Above: New Orleans- and Melbourne-based Jolie Home is focused on introducing eco-friendly, non-toxic paints for the DIYer. Founder Lisa Rickert worked in Finance before launching her own furniture company, then launching Jolie Home. The company offers 40 water-based, matte paint colors (some coming soon) and brushes and tools, plus speciality finishes like finishing wax and metal leaf. The paint, they note, “adheres to almost any surface, including wood, matte plastics, stone, brick, concrete, and metal.”


&#8\2\2\1;who truly needs 50 shades of beige?&#8\2\2\1; it&#8\2\17; 19
Above:”Who truly needs 50 shades of beige?” It’s a question that prompted designer-turned-entrepreneur Nicole Gibbons to launch Clare, a new direct-to-consumer company that sets out to fix the “broken” process of buying paint. Gibbons narrows down to the options to just 55 zero VOC hues (with names like “Shade” and “No Filter”) and a limited selection of trim paints. Having trouble deciding? Take the company’s Color Genius quiz. Or, order some of their revolutionized paint swatches: each is 8 inches square, far bigger than the standard hardware store chip, and sticks with ease to the wall. Once you’ve decided, Clare delivers paint and the essential tools, from rollers to painter’s tape, to your door. (Read more about Clare in Expert Advice: How to Choose Paint Like a Pro.)

Much more on paints and palettes (including tips and tricks):

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Frequently asked questions

What are paint disruptors?

Paint disruptors are a new type of interior paint that are sold directly to consumers, skipping the traditional retail store markup. These brands prioritize eco-friendly materials, minimal packaging, and strive to simplify the painting process.

What are the benefits of using paint disruptors?

Using paint disruptors provides several benefits, including lower prices, a more sustainable product, a simplified shopping process, and the ability to experiment with unique colors and finishes.

Which brands are considered paint disruptors?

Some of the brands considered paint disruptors include Clare, Backdrop, Farrow & Ball, and Portola Paints.

What sets paint disruptors apart from traditional paint brands?

Paint disruptors distinguish themselves from traditional paint brands by offering direct-to-consumer sales, eco-friendly materials, and unique colors and finishes. They also often have a minimalist approach to packaging and branding.

Are there any downsides to using paint disruptors?

One potential downside to using paint disruptors is the lack of in-person assistance, as these brands typically do not have brick-and-mortar stores where customers can view samples. Additionally, the color accuracy may vary slightly due to viewing on different computer screens.

What should I consider when choosing a paint disruptor brand?

Consider factors such as the price, eco-friendliness, and color options available. Additionally, read reviews from other customers to gauge the quality and ease of use.

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