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Shopper’s Diary: A New Line of Objects for the Home from Maureen Doherty of Egg in London


Shopper’s Diary: A New Line of Objects for the Home from Maureen Doherty of Egg in London

December 6, 2019

Whenever we’re in London, our first stop is Egg Trading, located in a small mews house on Kinnerton Street in Knightsbridge. Owned by Maureen Doherty, Egg sells  simple and functional clothing, many pieces designed by Maureen herself (and worn by luminaries like Tilda Swinton, Diane Keaton, and Maggie Smith).

In an adjoining mews house, working with architect Jonathan Tuckey, Maureen has created a pied a terre for herself and an office. She’s featured ceramics and objects at Egg over the years (she was one of the first exhibitors of Edmund de Waal), and she recently expanded her home offerings in a new collection she calls Objects.

“Objects are part of daily life,” Maureen says. “If we love function and beauty, then this may be all we need.”

Here’s a look at her offerings, photographed in situ in her pied a terre.

Photos courtesy of Egg and James Brittain.

a view of the egg shop exterior shows the first floor layout: the bathhouse is  17
Above: A view of the Egg shop exterior shows the first-floor layout: the bathhouse is on the left, and the office/utility space for Egg is on the right. Photograph by James Brittain. London Exterior by Jonathan Tuckey Photo by James Brittain.
 the main living area is located on the second floor. maureen keeps the sp 18
Above: The main living area is located on the second floor. Maureen keeps the space spartan: the furnishings consist of a table (a Rupert Spira Poem Bowl anchors the surface) and two chairs. An armchair and side table create a living room. “It doesn’t need much. It’s a hut. It’s my hut,” she says. Photograph by James Brittain.
glass pieces egg trading
Above: Maureen is offering a collection of more than 800 pieces of scientific glass from the classrooms of Lakenham girls’ and boys’ secondary modern school, Norwich. The collection includes beakers, chemistry flasks, test tubes, jars, funnels, bottles, graduated cylinders, and demijohns. Contact Egg directly for more information.
armor trolley bag tommaso cecchi de rossi egg trading
Above: The handmade Armor Trolley Bag by Italian leatherworker Tommaso Cecchi de’ Rossi, is £2,916.67. Tommaso creates his pieces in Tuscany, with a zero-waste goal; he uses wine and other natural extracts to dye the leather. £2,916.67.
egg trading teapot karen downing
Above: US-born Karen Downing lives and works in Suffolk, England. Her hand-thrown porcelain is inspired by her childhood on the Atlantic coast of New Jersey; the teapot shown above is £183.33.
officers kilt pin egg trading
Above: Maureen offers a range of silver kilt pins and fibulae made to traditional designs and patterns, hallmarked at the Assay Office Edinburgh; £162.50 for the Officers Kilt Pin.
large britannia silver beaker egg trading
Above: A silver beaker, made from hallmarked Britannia Silver and hand hammered in Kathmandu, is £316.67.
deep medium scalloped bowl cream
Above: Made in Herefordshire, England, from red earthenware clay which is slipped with a lighter colored clay and glazed, the Deep Medium Scalloped Bowl by James Burnett Stuart is £108.33.
glycerine soap egg trading
Above: Made by one of the worlds oldest manufacturers of glycerine soap, founded in 1893, 100 percent glycerin black Pebble Soap; £8.33.

egg trading glasses
Above: Hideki Yokoyama uses ancient techniques in his glass blowing practice; “Practicality and beauty—my struggle and my passion. When I encounter my glass works at a dining table I feel a pleasant awkwardness but I also feel greatly flattered.” The Large Tumbler is £75 and the Medium Tumbler is £60.

For more on Maureen Doherty and Egg Trading, see:

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