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A Sisal Alternative: Soulful Rugs from Colombia


A Sisal Alternative: Soulful Rugs from Colombia

August 6, 2014

Adventure is built into Laura Aviva’s self-created job description: At L’Aviva Home, she tracks down and collaborates with skilled artisans the world over. A favorite resource of the design world, her collection includes top-of-the-line Andean alpaca throws, Moroccan pom-pom blankets, indigo bedcovers from western Africa, and more. Her recent fascination with all things Colombian? “It was spurred by a new Colombian beau,” she reveals. For the past year, she’s been working with a group of weavers outside Bogotá. The results are her new (and noticeably heartfelt) Crin rugs.

Above: “The collection pays homage to Colombian equestrian culture,” Aviva says. “Strands of horsehair (crin de caballo) are interwoven with a local jute.” The Colombian Crin rugs shown here are detailed with leather in Avocado, Coffee, and Ocean

Above: The particular jute in the designs is a natural fiber made from the fique plant. Aviva notes that “fiber gives the rugs texture; horsehair, durability; and leather, a patina over time.”

Above: Developed for use in hotels and other public spaces, the rugs are extremely durable. As Aviva notes: “Horsehair is hugely hearty and long-wearing–and also luxe-feeling and soulful.” The rugs are woven on 15-foot-wide looms and are all made to order.

Above: A jute and horsehair Crin rug detailed with green leather. 

Above: The collection includes three additional horsehair and jute patterns: Festival (left), Natural (center), and PreColombian (right). The leather-detailed rugs are $56 per square foot, and the horsehair and jute rugs are $54 per square foot. A 2.6-by-8-foot horsehair and jute runner is $1,080; a 6-by-9-foot horsehair and jute rug is $2,915; custom sizes are also available.

Above: The Crin Festival pattern.

Above: The Crin PreColombian pattern. Stay tuned: Aviva has also been developing a line of poufs made from cana flecha, a cane fiber used to weave vueltiaos, the Colombian national sombrero.

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