ISSUE 104  |  Winter Wonderland

A Mountain Home in Norway, Christmas Decor Included

December 19, 2014 10:00 AM

BY Julie Carlson

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A few years back, we discovered Irene Finne’s blog Loppelilla, a chronicle of her life in the pristine Norwegian town of Evangerand, and ever since we’ve revisited her site for holiday decor inspiration. We especially like her simple, organic ideas for Christmas decorations: knitted ornaments, stars made of kraft paper, and her surprising use of black.

Above: The snowy Norwegian landscape surrounding Irene’s home.

Above: Irene sticks to a simple palette of white, gray, and black.

Above: A clever Advent calendar fashioned from a clothes hanger.

Above: Layers of Norwegian and Icelandic sheepskin meet pewter plates, candles, and antlers in the living room.

Above, L to R: A knitted ball ornament, a branch and crocheted taper candle holder, and a crocheted fir tree ornament. 

Above: The simple dining room features a gray painted floor.

Above: A branch displays ornaments; a chair is casually draped with a sheepskin.

Above: Irene favors edgy black Christmas ornaments.

Above: Irene’s holiday table.

Above: Star ornaments made out of natural and white kraft paper and twine.

Above: The house is filled with wooden bowls, nature brought indoors, and candles.

Above: Irene is a master at creating knitted sleeves for ordinary household items.

Above: The kitchen is neutral in color and simple in style.

Above: An antler lamp with a crocheted shade.

Above: Little house in the big woods.

For another winter house with a similar palette, have a look at PS Arkitektur Fjällhus in Sweden. And to get your own rooms ready for the holidays, don’t miss Single-Ingredient Holiday Decor, 10 Ideas.

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on December 22, 2011, as part of our Christmas Parties issue.