Valentine's Gift Guide: Editors' Top 10 Picks by

Issue 6 · Love in the Afternoon · February 11, 2014

Valentine's Gift Guide: Editors' Top 10 Picks

Issue 6 · Love in the Afternoon · February 11, 2014

Think outside the box (of chocolates): Here's a roundup of what our editors are hoping to get for Valentine's Day.

A Detacher Pink Pillow/Remodelista

Above: Alexa has had her eye on the crocheted wool Hot Pink Hairy Pillow for a while now; $253 from A Detacher.

Bouqs Rose Bouquet/Remodelista

Above: Over on Gardenista, Lindsey Taylor test-drove a couple of bunches of roses from The Bouqs in Venice, CA, and called them The Best $50 Valentine's Day Roses You Can Order Online (plus they arrive in "great packaging that's tasteful and not embarrassing").

Hotel Saint Cecilia Perfume/Remodelista

Above: From Austin, TX, perfumer Roux St. James, the limited edition Hotel Saint Cecilia Perfume evokes the landscape of the Hotel Saint Cecilia. "The scent of sweet tea white roses, cultivated from the hotel's garden, along with grass, wood, and musk, blended in honor of the hotel's namesake patron of music and poetry, predominate"; $100. See the grounds that inspired the fragrance at Landscape Architect Visit: The Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, TX.

Ted Muehling Silver Candlestick/Remodelista

Above: The fastest way to an aesthete's heart? Anything from Ted Muehling, including his silver fluted candlesticks; contact the NYC Ted Muehling store directly for ordering information.

PInk Ceramic Lightbulb Anthropologie/Remodelista

Above: A waxed concrete Paved Lamp Base (small $68, large $88) with Pink Ceramic Light ($5) from Anthropologie would make a nice addition to the boudoir.

Black Ceramic Heart Dish/Remodelista

Above: The 3.5-inch Black Ceramic Heart Bowl is perfect for holding rings, earrings, and other Valentine's jewelry; $12 from JD Wolfe Pottery on Etsy.

Lindsey Adelman Pink Light/Remodelista

Above: A once-in-a-lifetime investment: Lindsey Adelman's Branching Series 14-Mini Globe Cascading Chandelier with fade powder coating and pink mini globes; contact The Future Perfect for pricing.

Josh Vogel Ebony Wood Hearts/Remodelista

Above: Josh Vogel of Blackcreek Mercantile has come out with a collection of Ebony and Holly Hand-Carved Hearts for Shinola; contact Shinola for pricing and ordering information.

Domi Pajama Set/Remodelista

Above: The made-in-India Domi Classic Pajama Set in 100 percent cotton voile is $147.

Ken Fulk Candle/Remodelista

Above: San Francisco's enfant terrible designer Ken Fulk has just come out with his first product, a reboot of his favorite (but recently retired) 007 candle from Tocca. The Ken Fulk Candle ($50) features heavy smoky and leather overtones and is guaranteed to ignite romance (or at least the urge to drink a scotch and smoke a cigar). Photo by Alexa Hotz.

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