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Editors’ Picks: 10 Metallic Sandals for Spring


Editors’ Picks: 10 Metallic Sandals for Spring

April 18, 2014

Metallics are an easy route to bold dressing. The slip of a silver heel at the base of a garment is transformative, and its reflective quality is a perfect match for the bright light of spring and summer.

We’ve been taking note of the recent heavy dose of metallic shoes on the market, and, one by one, pairs of copper sandals, gold clogs, and silver pumps have been trickling into the office. Here’s the full reveal:

Above: Justine has had her PePe Silver Sandals ($185) from Makie from years. “Once again, comfortable, effortless style from Italy. They’re great for a summer evening when you want a little something special, but don’t feel like wobbling around in heels.”

Above: Meredith has her eye on a pair of Riudvaets Metallic Avarca Sandals in copper (they’re also available in silver and gold). The sandals are handmade in Menorca, Spain, with recycled, rubber soles; $120 at La Garí§onne.

Above: Margot spotted the latest Robert Clergerie shoe collection at Louis on Boston’s waterfront. The collection includes a glint of silver in almost every shoe; the Corson Sandal is shown here in a mirrored silver.

Above: Alexa is awaiting the arrival of LA shoe designer Martiniano Lopez’s High Glove Metallic Shoes. The flat Glove Slippers in Gold are currently available through Creatures of Comfort for $350.

Above: Christine just bought a pair of silver clog Sandals from Swedish Hasbeens: “Silver is a good color for summer. In London it can still be cool out in the summer, so I thought colored socks would look great through the cutouts in these shoes; they remind me of the school shoes I wore when I was little.” The sandals are £125 through Shoescribe.

Above: Michelle‘s pick? No.6’s Two Strap Clogs with a medium height heel in a pewter finish; $265 from No.6.

Above: Erin has worn her pewter-colored clogs for years. “They’re by Sandgrens (formerly Ugglebo) and were a custom design and color–a service, unfortunately, no longer offered,” she says. Sandgrens’ Tokyo Clogs ($129) are a similar look in gold.

Above: Francesca and Julie are both on board with Birkenstocks; especially the Birkenstock Metallic Leather Arizona Sandals from J. Crew; $130 at J. Crew.

Above: Sven’s Plain Clogs in pewter are, as Sarah says, “great for knocking around in: super comfortable, great for traveling, and reasonably priced.” Shown here is the Sven Low Heel Plain Clog; $170 (the Sven Medium Heel Plain Clog is available for $195).

Above: Dalilah likes Charlotte Stone’s Barton Sandal in Rose Gold ($128). She’s eager to pair the simple sandals with white denim for spring and summer.

Above: Izabella likes the metallic handmade shoes from Golden Ponies, a company in Guadalajara, Mexico. She discovered them through French stylist Aurélie Lécuyer of Le Dans La. The Pony Oxfords, shown here, are made of soft leather and ideal for dancing; $40 each.

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