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13 Favorite All-Purpose Cleaners, Eco Edition


13 Favorite All-Purpose Cleaners, Eco Edition

March 15, 2019

There’s an ever-growing array of eco-friendly cleaning products on the market, all of which ditch chemicals and harsh scents (remember Pledge?) in favor of natural, plant-derived ingredients and essential oils. We particularly like those that do double (or triple) duty, safe for use all over the house: on counters, tile, floors, and bathrooms, and even (in some cases) dishes and laundry. As one such company says, these solutions leave “a clean you can actually eat off of”—good news for the kitchen in particular. Here are 13 favorite cleanings solutions on the market, eco edition.

our latest discovery: uk based kinn, a clean beauty, cleaning, and laundry comp 17
Above: Our latest discovery: UK-based Kinn, a clean beauty, cleaning, and laundry company from a mother-daughter team. Their Eco-Friendly Lavender and Rosemary Kitchen Cleaner, for example, is made of plant-based ingredients and essential oils (as the duo says: “We choose our essential oils for their natural anti bacterial qualities. We don’t like synthetic fragrances at Kinn, so we use only pure essential oils”). The cleaner is £4.25.
supernatural deals in &#8\2\20;conscious home care powered by plants,&# 18
Above: Supernatural deals in “conscious home care powered by plants,” and in small sizes: each of their targeted cleaning solutions (one for Counters and Granite, one for Wood and Floors, one for Glass and Mirrors, and one for Bath and Tile) is $10 and comes in tiny concentrated amounts, ready to be mixed with water for use.

australian company murchison hume, a remodelista go to for natural cleaning pro 19
Above: Australian company Murchison-Hume, a Remodelista go-to for natural cleaning products, offers a Counter Safe All-Purpose Cleaner—free of ammonia, bleach, and dyes—for $9.
another remodelista favorite, the laundress, has ventured from laundry ess 20
Above: Another Remodelista favorite, The Laundress, has ventured from laundry essentials to the rest of the home. Their All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate ($12) is made with natural, nontoxic ingredients and is biodegradable. It can be used to mop the floors or clean the bathroom, they say; since it’s so concentrated, one bottle equals up to 32 uses.
 ode to clean specializes in all purpose, \100 percent plant based wi 21
Above: Ode to Clean specializes in all-purpose, 100 percent plant-based wipes that “leave a clean you can actually eat off of.” (They’re toxin- and fragrance-free, so they’re also safe to use on pet’s paws.) To start, we like The Ode to Clean Kit, which includes one refillable BPA-free dispenser and two packs of the cleaning wipes; $19.99.
 j. r. watkins offers all purpose cleaners in six natural scents, fro 22
Above: J. R. Watkins offers All-Purpose Cleaners in six natural scents, from lemon to grapefruit, all of them chemical-free; $4.99 each.
 with only four ingredients and five times the strength of household vineg 23
Above: With only four ingredients and five times the strength of household vinegar (one of our favorite all-purpose cleaning agents) the Eco-Pioneer Concentrated Pure Vinegar Cleaner can be used all over the house and garden (tips here). It also comes in a reusable amber glass container; $9.29 from Well.ca.

 as a new englander i grew up with dr. bronner&#8\2\17;s soaps all aro 24
Above: As a New Englander I grew up with Dr. Bronner’s soaps all around the house, from the bath to the utility closet. Their Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner ($8.99) is made from plant-based ingredients and “natural fir needle and spruce essential oils” and is biodegradable, with minimal impact on the environment. It is truly all-purpose, and can be used to clean floors and counters, as well as dishes and laundry (it’s one of our 12 Favorite Natural Garment Washes too).
 we&#8\2\17;re longtime fans of brooklyn based common good,  25
Above: We’re longtime fans of Brooklyn-based Common Good, which produces “safe, green, hardworking household cleaners and soaps in bottles you can refill,” including largely plant-based dishwashing liquids, laundry detergents, and more. The All Purpose Cleaner has essential oils and works on nonporous surfaces, from tile to countertop; $6.99.
 we like wendyl nissen&#8\2\17;s under the radar line of diy esqu 26
Above: We like Wendyl Nissen’s under-the-radar line of DIY-esque cleaners, based in Auckland, New Zealand. Case in point: the Spray Cleaner, “made out of nothing but water, baking soda, and my special mix of antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral essential oils”; $8.85 NZD ($6.05) (It’s also available as a refill, for decanting into your own bottle.) See also: Wendyl Nissen’s “No Nasty Chemicals” Philosophy.
 we like the offerings from newcomer the unscented company, a montreal bas 27
Above: We like the offerings from newcomer The Unscented Company, a Montreal-based operation founded on the premise of unscented products. “We believe that unscented is the new smell of clean. Of course, there is nothing like the smell of a freshly cut rose, a field of lavender, or the breeze by the ocean. But synthetic fragrances are surrounded by secrecy, when what we’re all about is transparency,” the company says. In a no-waste, eco-friendly move, the bottles can be refilled at home or in-store. The All Purpose Cleaner is available in the US via Well.ca; $5.75 CAD.
 sapadilla (makers of &#8\2\20;nice little eco cleaners&#8\2\2\1;) 28
Above: Sapadilla (makers of “nice little eco-cleaners”) offers an All-Purpose Cleaner that can be used nearly everywhere, including on wood floors; $8.24. Dilute it (it’s concentrated) or use it full-strength on “stubborn spots.” It’s available in three scents: rosemary/peppermint and grapefruit/bergamot (both shown), plus sweet lavender/lime.

grove collective is an online retailer offering &#8\2\20;care packages for  29
Above: Grove Collective is an online retailer offering “care packages for your home,” shipping eco- and health-conscious cleaning essentials (and refills) direct to your door. But they also have their own in-house product line of cleaning essentials, like their Tub and Tile Cleaning Concentrate; $5.95 for a set of two.

More of our cleaning favorites:

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on November 16, 2017.

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