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Wendyl Nissen’s “No Nasty Chemicals” Philosophy


Wendyl Nissen’s “No Nasty Chemicals” Philosophy

October 1, 2013

When we’re not decanting our own cleaning concoctions into glass jars, we’re on the search for the most safe-to-use, effective, and sweet smelling cleaning products out there.

Add this to the list: Wendyl Nissen’s Green Goddess line of solutions that are simple in structure (castile soap, baking soda, essential oils) and humble in packaging. A blogger, shopkeeper, and best-selling author of domestic science handbooks in Auckland, New Zealand, Wendyl takes inspiration from our grandmothers’ ways and concocts her solutions by updating age-old recipes. Her philosophy, “it’s okay to be a nana,” appears on every label–as does the product recipe, so that you can make your own. You can also access her cleaning product recipes directly on her site. The line is available online at Everyday Needs–and check out yesterday’s post to see Everyday Needs’ new shop.

Wendyl Nissen Antibacterial Spray Remodelista 02

Above: Wendyl’s Antibacterial Spray keeps germs at bay with orange, lavender, and eucalyptus essential oils. It can be used on room surfaces and hands, and also as an air freshener; $12.50 NZD (about $10 US).

Wendyl Nissen Laundry Powder Remodelista 01

Above L: Patchouli Laundry Powder includes a mixture of castile soap with patchouli, ylang ylang, and frankincense essential oils and is suitable for those prone to skin allergies; $12.50 NZD. Above R: Mild Baby Laundry Powder is made from Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild castile soap, baking soda, and washing soda (which Wendyl describes as “baking soda’s bigger, tougher, gruntler brother”); it lasts up to 33 washes and typically requires only one tablespoon per load; $16.50 NZD.

Wendyl Nissen Peppermint Paste Remodleista 01

Above: A mixture of peppermint oil (a strong antiseptic), baking soda, cream of tartar, and castile soap go into Wendyl’s Peppermint Paste for scratch-free cleaning of sinks, stove tops, tubs, and other surfaces $12.50 NZD. 

Wendyl Nissen Cleaning Sprays Remodelista 01

Above: The Spray Glass Cleaner is made from vinegar, water, and essential oil, and the Rose Spray Cleaner will “leave your home smelling like roses”; $10.50 NZD each.

Wendyl Nissen Peppermint Remodelista 01

Above: Lavender Laundry Liquid lasts for 33 washes and is safe for delicates. In addition to New Zealand lavender, the mixture contains soap, washing soda, and borax; $12.50 NZD. 

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