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10 New Kitchen and Tabletop Disrupters


10 New Kitchen and Tabletop Disrupters

May 3, 2018

We’ve covered mattress disrupters (see 14 Upstart Mattress Companies), bedding disrupters (see Luxury Linens for Less, Online Edition), and furniture disrupters (see 6 New Upstart Furniture Companies), so perhaps it was only a matter of time before the tabletop/kitchenware category was disrupted.

Thanks to the direct-to-consumer sales model, these 10 new companies keep prices down by minimizing overhead costs and eliminating markups. Some are offering bargain-basement type deals, but most of these companies are trying to pave a middle path between the high-quality, high-priced and low-quality, low-priced offerings currently on the market.


brandless dinner plates bundle
Above: Everything at Brandless costs $3, including household staples such as parchment paper and dish soap. The ever-expanding lineup now includes home goods such as silicone cooking tools, a chef’s knife, and the Porcelain Rim Dinner Plates shown here, all $3 each.

Brigade Kitchen

brigade kitchen pots pans 2
Above: Founded by a brother-and-sister team in 2017, Brigade Kitchen offers well-priced tools for home chefs, with pots and pans sized for cooking for two to four people. The current lineup includes a Sauce Pan ($70), a Sauté Pan ($75), a Skillet ($70), a Santoku chef’s knife ($75), plus The Set, a starter kit of all four ($260).

Field Company

field company cast iron skillet
Above: Founded by two brothers who aimed to re-create the century-old cast iron pans that had been passed down through their family, Field Company offers cast-iron pans that are smoother and 25 to 50 percent lighter than other pans on the market. Prices start at $100 for the No. 8 Skillet, which is preseasoned, made in the US, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. (Bonus points: Field Company offers a host of Cast Iron Care tips to help you use and care for your pan.)

Hudson Wilder

hudson wilder tabletop setting
Above: Hudson Wilder aims to bring down the cost of luxury tableware. Its Sora Tumblers are made of hand-blown borosilicate glass (they’re $35 for a set of four). And the Damek Charcoal Line Dinner Plates are made of white porcelain with a hand-painted charcoal rim; $45 for a set of four.

Made In

made in kitchen cookware
Above: The name of Austin, Texas, company Made In is an ode to American manufacturing. The company makes stainless steel pots and pans in independent American factories and with American metals, and they know their top-quality wares won’t come in at the lowest prices: “We know our cookware isn’t cheap,” says the company, “but that is because it is designed to last a lifetime.” Prices start at $59 for a Fry Pan and go up to $549 for the 10-piece Kitchen Sink Set.


10 New Kitchen and Tabletop Disrupters portrait 22
Above: Material makes kitchen tools at the intersection of good looks and a fair price. In addition to an Eight-Inch Knife ($75), the company offers The Fundamentals, a set of seven cooking tools that Material thinks will cover the bases for cooking most meals: a chef’s knife, paring knife, wood spoon, metal spoon, tongs, and spatula, all contained in an angled, magnetic wood countertop stand. It’s available in four color combinations for $175.


milo white cast iron dutch oven 2   1 733x541
Above: With its first product, a 5½-quart Dutch Oven, LA-based Milo aims to lower the cost of pricey enameled Dutch oven pots. Says founder Zach Schau, “The process of casting iron is a centuries-old technology and the materials are affordable,” which allows Milo to price its pot at $95, compared with almost $400 for a similarly sized French brand. Read more in Object of Desire: A Sleek Cast-Iron Dutch Oven, Nicely Priced.


misen knives cookware
Above: Before cofounding Misen, Omar Rada went shopping for a skillet, then a chef’s knife, and he found himself recoiling at both the cheap, affordable products he found and the premium wares with premium prices. Misen launched its anchor product, the Misen Chef’s Knife ($65) with a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016 that raised more than $1 million, and the brand has since expanded into Cookware.


snowe plates setting set
Above: The value proposition of Snowe is to make luxurious home goods available at reasonable prices, from tableware to bedding, plus accessories such as candles, carafes, and shower curtains. All are made in the US and Europe, often using top-quality materials such as porcelain from Limoges in France and Italian percale cotton. The Four-Piece Table Setting, shown, is manufactured in Portugal and includes four sets of four pieces each: a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, and mug, for $195.

Year & Day

pink black gray dip dishes year day ceramics   733x571
Above: By offering only a few select styles and colors, San Francisco–based Year & Day is able to offer handmade, European tableware at affordable prices. The ceramics come in four colors, as shown in the All Day & Night Dip Dishes featured here; $26. Beyond ceramics, the company offers flatware in three finishes and glasses in a few basic shapes. To start, complete the company’s short Survey (it’s only four questions) to establish your tableware needs, and Year & Day will make recommendations for the right set. Read more in Tabletop Disruptor: Dinnerware in a Box from Year & Day Ceramics.
For more kitchen favorites, see:

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10 New Kitchen and Tabletop Disrupters portrait 8
Kitchen Knives & Knife Racks

The 8 in. Knife

$75.00 USD from The Fundamentals
brigade set
Brigade Kitchen

The Set

$260.00 USD from Brigade Kitchen

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