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9 Favorites: A Remodelista Roundup of Parlor Games for the Coming Months


9 Favorites: A Remodelista Roundup of Parlor Games for the Coming Months

January 11, 2021

In the last few months, all of us at Remodelista have been playing board games, cards, checkers, chess—anything  to distract us in the long evenings at home. Here are some editors’ recent favorites:

exotic playing cards sumio kawakami
Above: Fan has fallen for the Four Seasons Exotic Playing Cards from Okuno Karuta Ten; $26 from Jinen. The card set is a reproduced edition of Sumio Kawakami’s woodblock print “Torampu-e” from the 1960s. Each suit emphasizes a theme: clubs feature spring, spades feature winter, hearts feature fall, and diamonds feature summer.
monopoly boxed set
Above: We’re admiring this Bookshelf Trio of Board Games, linen-bound editions of classic board games. Best of all, they’re full size, vintage versions—for instance Monopoly has wooden hotels and houses, metal game pieces, etc.—and they’re  easier to store than the standard boxed games. Available individually from OK Shop in LA for $40 each.


ridleys games room travel trivia
Above: For the frustrated travelers among us: Travel Trivia from Games Room includes 140 multiple choice question cards about traveling and customs across the globe; $12 from Magnolia.
wolfum backgammon sugar tools shop
Above: World’s most stylish backgammon sets? We like the offerings from LA-based design studio Wolfum (shown above is the Paloma set, but it’s no longer available). Our favorite? The Hitchcock Yellow Tabletop Backgammon Set, made from FSC certified baltic birch; $215.
richard baker puzzle princeton press 1
Above: Classic Paperbacks 1000-Piece Puzzle features artist Richard Baker’s paintings of beloved classics, including works by Emily Dickinson, Richard Wright, Sandra Cisneros, and Susan Sontag, among other literary luminaries. Each “book portrait” captures the signs of wear that all bibliophiles can appreciate from their own most-loved reads; $16.95 from the Princeton Architectural Press.
card game iconic paris
Above: Ideal for those of us missing Paris: The Iconic Paris Card Game from Cinq Points is €12.
lanier graham chess set moma
Above: Designed by Lanier Graham in 1966, and an official part of MoMA’s collection, the 1966 Lanier Graham Chess Set is $239.95 from Royal Chess Mall.
chronology buffalo games
Above: For history buffs and wannabes: Chronology is a surprisingly entertaining game in which players build a timeline using cards listing a historical event and the year in which it occurred; $19.95 from Rainbow Resources.

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