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New Directions: 11 Interiors Trends for 2019


New Directions: 11 Interiors Trends for 2019

January 2, 2019

Our annual interiors trend alert roundup for 2019:

British Kitchen Makers Invasion

last april, bespoke cupboard makers plain english opened up shop in greenwich v 12
Above: Last April, bespoke cupboard makers Plain English opened up shop in Greenwich Village, NY, and the slightly less pricey company deVol (shown above, the company’s Bloomsburg Dark Shaker Cabinets) is opening a showroom at 28 Bond Street in the NoHo district of Manhattan in early 2019.

Fringe-Skirted Lounge Chairs

nicky kehoe fringed chairs
Above: Spotted everywhere lately: fringe-trimmed lounge chairs; shown above is a pair of Cover Fireplace Pull-Up Chair with wool bullion fringe skirting from LA designers Nickey Kehoe.

The New Gallery Wall: Decorative Plates as Decor

New Directions 11 Interiors Trends for 2019 portrait 6
Above: We’ve been admiring “plate walls” adorned with matching plates from a series (shown above, a collection of vintage plates from Michoacán are mounted above a collection of Kissweh Pillows pillows at a recent Kneeland Pop-Up in Los Angeles) or a mix of collected pieces. (Also see Bugandé Cafe: A Moody, Eccentric Restaurant in Milan, where even the ceilings are adorned with plates.)

Ikea Kitchen Upgrades

in the past year or so, an array of companies offering custom cabinet fronts to 15
Above: In the past year or so, an array of companies offering custom cabinet fronts to pair with Ikea’s kitchen systems has sprung up. “Ikea cabinets are like building blocks,” says Finnish company A.S. Helsingö (one of the company’s kitchen is shown above). For more, see Ikea Kitchen Upgrade: 11 Custom Cabinet Companies.

Skirted Sinks

in her bellport, ny, summer house, architect elizabeth roberts had a sink  16
Above: In her Bellport, NY, summer house, architect Elizabeth Roberts had a sink skirt sewn from a vintage Guatemalan textile in lieu of cabinet doors (see Elizabeth Roberts at Home: The Architect’s Own Beach House). For more ideas, go to New Old Trend: 10 Fresh Examples of Sink Skirts and Cabinet Curtains on The Organized Home.

Tabletop and Kitchenware Disruptors

field company cast iron skillet
Above: This past year it seemed a new tabletop/kitchen tools disrupter popped up every week, offering direct-to-consumer goods (see 10 New Kitchen and Tabletop Disrupters). Shown above: the No. 8 Skillet from Field Company, which was founded by two brothers who aim to re-create the century-old cast iron pans that had been passed down through their family.

Quirky Rattan Lamps

last april, margot discovered atelier vime in provence, a collection of contemp 18
Above: Last April, Margot discovered Atelier Vime in Provence, a collection of contemporary and vintage designs made of rattan and other natural materials (see Rattan Revival: Wicker from Atelier Vime); one of their quirky lamps is shown above. So we took note when we started spotting similar lamps in stylish interiors, including Athena Calderone‘s recently renovated Cobble Hill kitchen, which she collaborated on with architect Elizabeth Roberts.

Oversized Pendant Lights

spotted lately: statement making oversized pendant lights in some of our favori 19
Above: Spotted lately: statement-making oversized pendant lights in some of our favorite kitchen/dining projects; shown here, a Brooklyn townhouse remodel by Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design. Photograph by Dustin Aksland.

The Return of the Monogram

once milano monogram bed linen
Above: We’ve been admiring Old World monograms, including this custom-embroidered example from London-based linen company Once Milano.

Buffalo Check

New Directions 11 Interiors Trends for 2019 portrait 6
Above: Suddenly fresh-looking; decorate-y buffalo check, which appear throughout the new and inventively designed Hotel Peter & Paul in New Orleans. (Also see Serena & Lily’s Gingham Collection and Crate & Barrel’s Buffalo Check Collection.)

Handmade Soap Dishes

object totem soap holder
Above: We started noticing (and admiring) rustic handmade soap dishes a few months ago. Shown above is the Object and Totem Soap Dish from Primary Essentials in Brooklyn. Other examples: the Flower Soap Dish from Alder & Co., the Soap Grill from Clam Lab, and our all-time favorite soap dish from a Lithuania ceramicist: Object of Desire: Haapa Ceramics Soap Dish.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the top trends in design for 2019?

Some of the top trends in design for 2019 include bold color choices, use of texture, warm and inviting interiors, and a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

What colors are popular for 2019?

Bold, saturated colors such as deep greens, jewel tones, and bright yellows are popular for 2019.

What materials should I use for a sustainable design?

Sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, recycled glass, reclaimed wood, and natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and linen are good choices for a sustainable design.

What kind of textures are popular for 2019?

Textured materials such as raw wood, concrete, and exposed brick are popular for 2019.

How can I make my home feel warm and inviting?

You can make your home feel warm and inviting by adding soft lighting, cozy textures like throws and pillows, and incorporating natural elements like plants and flowers.

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