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Work Week: Pinup

October 23, 2007 1:58 AM

BY Julie Carlson

We’re big fans of the home office bulletin board. Why didn’t we think of this before: replacing our standard-issue plastic pushpins with these oak or walnut ones from the Container Store ($2.99 for a packages of 20 at the Container Store)? Or these streamlined translucent ones–an art director’s dream–from Muji (£1.75 for a pack of 33 at Muji).

If you are the DIY type, create your own notice board by stretching raw painter’s linen (available at art supply stores) over Homasote fiber board, made from recycled newsprint. Homasote comes in 4-by-8-foot sheets, is half an inch thick, and is surprisingly lightweight. Go to Homasote to find a dealer. Martha Stewart offers detailed instructions for making your own notice board at Martha Stewart.

Or consider these three options from Pottery Barn. Below left: Large stone-colored linen pinup board (36 by 48 inches), $129. Center: Modular linen pinboard tiles, $25 per 20.5-by-14-inch tile. Right: Black wood–framed corkboard (36 by 48 inches); $149. Go to

We also like Staples’ no-nonsense commercial aluminum framed cork bulletin boards, which range in size from 1.5 by 2 feet to a 4-by-8-foot behometh; prices run from $24.99 to $239.99 for the big one; go to