ISSUE 95  |  Gothic Influence

Until The Light Takes Us: A Norwegian Black Pendant Lamp

October 21, 2013 11:00 AM

BY Alexa Hotz

If you know anything about the Norwegian black metal music scene of the 1990s, you have a sense of the way the lightless months of the Nordic winter can give rise to a dark creativity. Unlike these bands, Norwegian lighting designers probably aren’t practicing Satanism and burning down churches, but it’s clear that both circles draw inspiration from the same bleakness.

Case in point: í˜yvind Wyller’s In Darkness Pendant Lamp featuring a handcrafted black-glass shade, black leather straps, and bright lightbulb glowing like winter’s aurora borealis. The lamp was made in collaboration with Oslo glassworks company Magnor Glassverk, where it is available for purchase.

Above: The In Darkness Pendant Lamp is manufactured to order and a long delivery time should be expected; 6,000 NOK ($1,015 in the US). Order online or visit the Magnor Glassverk showroom at Sorgenfrigata 11 in Oslo, Norway.

Above: Black leather straps connect to a cloth-covered electrical cord for hanging.

Above: The black glass pendant diffuses light to create a dim atmosphere in the room.

Above: The shade itself measures 220 mm in diameter and 160 mm high.

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