ISSUE 18  |  Beyond Bauhaus

Tin Restaurant and Bar: Gritty Glamor in Berlin

May 01, 2012 10:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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Tin Restaurant and Bar in Berlin demonstrates how glamorous mundane materials like concrete, hammered zinc, gray paint, and halogen bulbs can be.

Designed by Karhard Architektur, the interior features the humblest of materials: cement-bonded wood particle boards, a long custom zinc bar burnished to a sheen with thousands of hammer blows, and 82 standard halogen bulbs suspended from the ceiling. The only off-the-shelf product used? The ICF Myto Cantilever Adirondack seating by Konstantin Grcic. For more information, go to Tin Restaurant and Bar.

Above: The ICF Myto Cantilever Adirondack seating by Konstantin Grcic surrounds a custom table.

Above: Allium blossoms provide the only note of color in the subtly glowing interior.

Above: The dining room features layers of soft gray.

Above: The architects created a system of halogen lights to add a soft glow.

Above: The architects intentionally left the radiators unfinished for a rough lux vibe.