The Pedal Trash Bin Reinvented by a Design Star

February 24, 2015 12:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

How elegant: the Tip trash bin from Konstantin Grcic (the Berlin-based design star) for German company Authentics. The Tip has an open/shut mechanism on the outside, which obviates the need for an interior liner can (“a good deal of attention went into the lifting mechanism,” Grcic says). It’s made of polypropylene and available in three sizes and a range of colors. 

Above: The Tip 30 Liter is the largest size; it’s €69 ($78.25) at Authentics.

Above: The Tip 15 Liter, sized for kitchen or office, is €49 ($55.56) from Authentics. For bathrooms, there’s also a Tip 7 Liter; €29 ($32.89). 

Above: The bin in action.

Above: A removable ring corrals trash bags. See the line at Authentics.

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