The Solution for Sorting Holiday Decorations by

Issue 101 · The Early Bird · December 4, 2013

The Solution for Sorting Holiday Decorations

Issue 101 · The Early Bird · December 4, 2013

I love to decorate my apartment for Christmas, but, like most people, find little joy in taking down the decorations and putting them away.

For ease, I throw all of my ornaments and lights into a storage basket. This system works well for socks and sweaters, but has limited utility when it comes to holiday decor. Why? Because holiday decor gets tangled. Always.

This week, I entirely reorganized my setup, without giving up my basket: I sorted my holiday decorations using a roll of Velcro® brand One-Wrap® ties: long, cuttable ties that wrap around just about everything and fasten to themselves. Everyone at Remodelista plans to follow suit. Here, the before and after:

Photography by Meredith Swinehart

Christmas Decorations Stored in a Basket, Remodelista

Above: At the end of the holiday season, I toss all of my Christmas decorations into a basket. Not the worst organization solution I've seen, but not the best either. Photography shot with the Canon EOS 70D digital SLR camera, with Dual Pixel AF technology and built-in Wi-Fi.

Christmas Lights, Extension Cord, and Red Beaded Garland in a Tangled Mess, Remodelista

Above: I'd moved the basket several times over the year, and fished through it for extra extension cords. So when I pulled everything out last week, I found a tangled mess of cords, lights, and garlands. 

Velcro One Wrap Ready for Organizing, Remodelista

Above: The solution for keeping tangle at bay: Velcro® brand One-Wrap® ties. (I admit, I initially wondered what advantage, if any, One-Wrap® ties have over string. But I soon discovered definite advantages: I can gather decorations in one hand and fasten them with One-Wrap® ties using the other. And One-Wrap® ties don't stretch or loosen—at all—so whatever I secure stays put.) $9.34 for a 12-foot roll from Amazon. 

Extension Cord, Garland, and Christmas Lights Organized with Velcro One Wrap, Remodelista

Above: Extension cords, Christmas lights, and beaded garland will now keep to themselves. 

Christmas Decoration Cords Tied with Velcro One Wrap, Remodelista

Above: Sometimes the tiniest cords are the most annoying; these were constantly getting tangled in the wicker trees they're attached to. For these smaller decorations, I used Velcro® brand One-Wrap® cable ties; $6.49 for 100 ties at Amazon. 

Beeswax Taper Candles and Dried Berries with Velcro One Wrap, Remodelista

Above: One-Wrap® ties come in handy even for less obvious items, like candles and dried berries. 

Plaid Christmas Napkins and Leather Tie Organized with Velcro One Wrap, Remodelista

Above: My holiday napkins and leather gift wrapping string—previously "organized" by being thrown in a paper bag—also benefit from Velcro® brand ties. 

Christmas Decorations Organized with Velcro One Wrap, Remodelista

Above: Though I had grand plans for finding shelf space for my decorations, I just tossed everything back in the basket. But this time, there are no tangles in my future.

-Meredith Swinehart

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