The Family Friendly Kitchen, Brit Style by

Issue 74 · The Kids Are All Right · May 31, 2013

The Family Friendly Kitchen, Brit Style

Issue 74 · The Kids Are All Right · May 31, 2013

What is it with the Brits and bespoke kitchens?  We've just come across deVOL Kitchens, an East Midland outfit founded in 1989 by two design graduates from Loughborough University, Philip deVries and Paul O’Leary (the name is an amalgamation of their initials).  We're taken with their kitchen cabinetry and laundry offerings inspired by simple Georgian and Victorian furniture from Ireland, England, and Wales with a dash of Quaker and Scandinavian influence added for good measure. Here's a roundup of some of their offerings.

deVOL-kitchen: Remodelista
Above: deVOL's Shaker Kitchen line is a modular version of the company's classic line.

deVOl: Remodelista

Above: The Classic Work Table made from oak.


Above: Garlic Chopping Board in oak: £25.

deVOl: Remodelista

Above: Classic Kitchen Cupboards available in any size and finish.

deVOl: Remodelista

Above: Towel Rack in ash for £120.


Above: A Shaker cabinet with tea towel from Peony & Sage.

deVOl: Remodelista

Above: Fruit Picking Ladders available in custom color painted rungs for £170.

devol shaker cupboard

Above: A full height Shaker Cupboard.

devol knobs and bin pulls

Above: A selection of cabinet knobs and bin pulls.


Above: The Cotes Mill showroom located on the river Soar sits on the site of the original mill built over 1,000 years ago.




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