ISSUE 52  |  European Mix

Shopper’s Diary: Astier de Villatte in Paris

December 30, 2010 7:30 PM

BY Francesca Connolly

When my stylish friend Susanna got married a while ago, I found myself looking at registry gifts; it was no surprise she chose the most perfect china: the earthy and elegant Astier de Villatte. Handmade in Paris of black terra cotta with a milky white glaze, the delicate pieces are extremely durable, despite their fragile appearance. The Parisian headquarters are located at 173 rue Saint-Honore; well worth a visit if you are lucky enough to be in Paris.

Photos by John Merkl.

Above: Perles Dinner Plate; $104 at Tabula Tua in Chicago.

Above: Bac Dinner Plate; $84 at Tabula Tua.

Above: Simple Dinner Plate; $76 at Tabula Tua.