ISSUE 23  |  Summer Color

Tablecloths That Tell a Story

June 06, 2012 7:00 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

"Whenever we are together at a table with food, wine, music and laughter, inevitably there will be stains. I happen to love these flaws—to me, they are evocative and commemorative."

Such are the words spoken by UK-based Elvis Robertson, a bespoke textile practitioner who hand stitches on wine-stained tablecloths, creating beauty out of imperfection. Robertson, who studied graphics and illustration at St. Martin's College, creates subtle pieces with what she calls "constellations, which are slowly revealed from the pattern of stains when viewed from a distance." To learn more or to commission a piece visit Elvis Robertson.

Above: Cygnus Constellation tablecloth.

Above: A detailed look at an embroidered "stain."

Above: "This collection of tablecloths is a celebration of life's imperfections," Robertson says. "Those marks and blemishes that are left behind after some rocking good times. I take time to beautifully stitch things which are deemed to be ugly."

Above: An Orion constellation created from the stains.