Table of Contents: Bastille Day by

Issue 28 · Bastille Day · July 14, 2014

Table of Contents: Bastille Day

Issue 28 · Bastille Day · July 14, 2014

True, the dancing in the streets took place yesterday, but we're extending Bastille Day to a full week of Francophilia. What does the best Gallic design look like right now—and where can it be sourced? Stay tuned for the answers.

Bastille Day Remodelista Issue

Above: A boutique hotel in the Pigalle with artist-furnished rooms and a summery courtyard restaurant. Take a tour at Escape to Love: Hotel Amour in Paris.


Villa Lena in Tuscany, Designed by Clarisse Demory, Remodelista

Above: In the foothills of Tuscany, Villa Lena is a combination hotel, historic villa compound, and creative center with artists in residence. In Monday's Hotels and Lodging post, Alexa shows us the new vacation place to be right now.


Quitokeeto Petite Picardie Glasses | Remodelista

Above: Did you know that the flutes on the Picardie tumbler were inspired by 18th-century French crystal (and possibly Gothic archways, too)? In this week's Object Lessons, Megan tells the story of Duralex and its unbreakable bistro ware. Shown here, the Petite Picardie at Quitokeeto.


Le Cornue W Range | Remodelista

Above: The world's chicest range is now posing as a piece of furniture: In Wednesday's Appliances post, Janet unveils the latest from La Cornue (to see Julianne Moore's La Cornue–equipped kitchen, go to 5 Design Lessons from Julianne Moore).


French doors on a garage turned guest cottage | Remodelista

Above: Who doesn't love windows that double as doors? They can transform a garage into a guest cottage, as shown here—and there are countless other applications (as well as a few downsides). Learn when to consider installing French doors in this week's Remodeling 101.


Marble-topped furniture by Modiste | Remodelista

Above: We have a weakness for clean-lined furniture, especially when finished with marble. You, too? In Friday's Furniture post, Justine presents a new design line we're currently coveting.

Have a look at Gardenista this week—they're also in the midst of a French frenzy.

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