ISSUE 36  |  Get to Work

Studio Visit: Alison Kendall’s Art Studio

September 06, 2012 10:30 AM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Artists tend to inhabit their studios the way others inhabit their homes, and a visit to painter/collagist Alison Kendall’s studio reveals her journey from science to art.

Spotted on In the Make, Kendall’s studio is a personal natural history museum where this artist, originally trained as a marine ecologist, surrounds herself with objects from the natural world and books; reflecting her interests, thoughts, and creativity.

Photography by Klea McKenna for In the Make.

Above: Kendall's collages hangs above her eclectic collection of richly hued objects.

Above: Kendall's studio is a small sectioned off space among many artist's studios in a warehouse in San Francisco's Mission District. Wood planks have been screwed into the concrete block wall to make it easier to pin up art.

Above: A patina of paints has developed over time on Kendall's work table.

Above: Kendall keeps her working tools tidy. Her brushes are stored in a old caviar cannister. Her books are stacked in columns.

Above: A vintage bookend keeps Kendall's books in place.

Above: Kendall's interest in birds is suggestive of her interest in life sciences. A collection of birds that Kendall has cut out (R) will appear in her collages and paintings.

Above: The artist in her studio. For more information on the artist and her work, see Left and Light.

Above: Kendall's paint splattered smock (L). The Art Explosions studio building in the Mission District (R) where Kendall and many other artists work.

(N.B. These images were originally published in a studio visit with Alison Kendall on In The Make. To see more studio visits with West Coast artists, go to In the Make.)