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Storage: Rope Baskets by Doug Johnston

January 09, 2012 4:30 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

Currently coveting: handmade rope baskets by Brooklyn-based artist Doug Johnston.

Johnston initially started sewing his baskets for family and friends; it took about a year of experimenting with different materials and equipment to get the technique down to the point where he felt comfortable enough to produce them for sale. The flexible but sturdy storage baskets are made from rows of white cotton cord, stitched together with different colors of thread, using a vintage Singer sewing machine.

Above: The baskets have an organic quality that anthropologists would appreciate.

Above: A cluster of baskets of various sizes.

Above: A Red Bowl gets its color from crimson stitching; $70.

Above: A Utility Pail is available with stitching in navy, red, or white thread; $140.

Above: The 100.3 Vessel is made from 100 feet of cord, stitched together with three colors of thread: navy, beige, and white; $70. To view the entire collection, visit Doug Johnston.