Steal This Look: Roy McMakin Chairs by

Issue 12 · Roy McMakin · March 20, 2008

Steal This Look: Roy McMakin Chairs

Issue 12 · Roy McMakin · March 20, 2008

Wyoming-born, Seattle-based, and San Diego and Portland–educated Roy McMakin takes a decidedly Western approach to furniture design. Despite the fact that he was chosen to design pieces for Richard Meier's rigorously modernist Getty Center in the 1990s, he remains a traditionalist—with a spin. His pieces are deceptively simple; peer closer, however, and one detects an almost subversive spirit: the pair of slat-back ocher chairs below, for instance, is subtly detailed in gradated stripes. McMakin's solid and significant furniture pieces are handmade in his studio (and fetch high prices); go to

Domestic Furniture

to view examples.



Recreate the look with vibrantly colored chairs: either from the sources below or with a DIY version of your own creation.

Below: Maine Cottage Furniture makes heavy and well-proportioned dining chairs that are available in 40 different colors. The Cokie Chair, shown in white and hot lime, is $490.

http://xwhite.jpg http://xgreen.jpg

Below: The Maine Cottage Furniture Boothbay Chair, shown below in mango (L) and bark (R), is $290.

http://orangechair.jpg http://brownchair.jpg

Below: The Maine Cottage Furniture Cokie Counter Stool is $490; copy McMakin and order it in gradated colors.

http://yellowstool.jpg http://paleyellowstool.jpg

Below: One of our favorite chairs, part of the Cain Collection by designer Seth Eshelman for Staach, is made of sustainably harvested wood and comes in nine colors. Available in sets of two from Design Public, starting at $380 a pair.

http://greench.jpg http://yellowch.jpg

Below: Ikea's Norvald chair, $69.99, is available in black, white, and red.

http://blackchair.jpg http://whitechair.jpg

Below: Staach Cain Collection Kitchen Stool comes in seven colors (in addition to the simple wood finish shown); $280 at Design Public. White Stool shown in situ.

Staach Cain Collection Kitchen Stool Staach White Stool

Below: Take the DIY route with Ikea's Bosse bar stool for $39.99 (L) and Olle Chair in birch (R) for $29.99, also available in black. McMakin favors Fine Paints of Europe's Hollandlac Dutch Enamel; visit their site for color ideas.

xstool-8.jpg http://olle.jpg

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