Steal This Look: San Francisco Kitchen by

Issue 49 · The Well-Appointed Kitchen · December 2, 2008

Steal This Look: San Francisco Kitchen

Issue 49 · The Well-Appointed Kitchen · December 2, 2008

Our current favorite kitchen belongs to our friends Zak Conway and Dagmar Daley, who recently remodeled their 1896 Victorian house in the Mission District of San Francisco. Daley, an architect turned children’s clothing designer, devised a single, sleek walnut counter and, instead of building kitchen cabinets, created a bank of storage shelves hidden behind tall doors on the opposite wall. A single shelf above the counter displays Daley’s collection of Eva Zeisel pottery and white porcelain chemistry pieces collected from flea markets.






Here is Dagmar's advice on recreating the look:

"The faucet is a Sign of the Crab by Strom Plumbing PO 828 Wall-Mounted Faucet, sourced from Omega Too in Berkeley (you can get a similar one from Chicago Faucets). The key is to opt for a nickel finish and to use a wall-mounted model, which prevents the water from building up on a wood countertop. I used a Bosch Integra Dishwasher, which can be completely concealed behind the panel to look more streamlined. The vent hood is built into the long shelf above the counter, and I used a smallish cooktop by Fisher & Pakel, which I love, especially in this world of appliances on steroids.

"I bought the antlers over the sink and the Eva Zeisel ceramics on eBay, although you can get Eva Zeisel ceramics at Crate & Barrel now. The side table in the dining area is an old Victrola; as you can see, I almost never buy anything new, although a friend recently gave me the Full Contact Spice Grinder from Mint in New York City."

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