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A Scandinavian-Influenced Cafe in Japan (with a Bit of LA, Too)

March 04, 2013 4:40 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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Located in Tokyo's seaside suburb of Shonan, the design theme of Søholm Cafe is “Scandinavian in origin, arriving in Tokyo by way of Los Angeles."

That's according to architect Norito Takahashi and interior designer Chinatsu Kambayashi of multidisciplinary studio Jamo Associates, who created the look using rough-hewn beams strung with frosted party lights, abundant potted plants and trailing vines, and a painted brick backdrop. To see more, go to Jamo Associates. For more information, go to Søholm Cafe.

Above: Illumination is provided by strings of frosted bulbs and white Caravaggio Pendant Lamps designed by Cecilie Manz.

Above: Jamo Associates painted the brick walls in graphic patterns using a gray blue "inspired by Sweden’s flamboyant 18th century Gustavian style, which is itself rooted in French rococo," as the designers say.

Above: A line of Soholm goods, including these canvas grocery bags, is available from Actus.

Above: The designers were influenced by the verdant, free-spirited plantings in Copenhagen’s autonomous neighborhood Christiania.

Above: Potted plants are displayed on a shelf over the entryway.

Above: A garden shed holds potted plants.

Above: A view of the outdoor dining area.

Above: Window boxes are painted in shades of blue, yellow, and gray, referencing a Scandinavian color palette.

Above: The entrance to the cafe, featuring Scandinavian-inspired lettering.

I love the interiors of Søholm Cafe, but my all-time favorite Japanese coffee bar is Anthem Cafe & Bar in Japan, which is the stylistic opposite of Søholm Cafe. Which of the two spaces do you prefer?