ISSUE 13  |  Urban Living

Shopper’s Diary: Swedishness Online

April 01, 2010 7:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Brand-new online shop Swedishness specializes in classic pieces from several of Sweden’s venerable producers: textiles from Vaxbo Lin, glassware from Storsjohyttan, woolens from Pia Wallen. Swedishness also offers whimsical Box of Swedishness gift packages; worldwide shipping offered.

Above L: White Dala Horse by Grannas; $25. Above R: Short Blue Glass Jar, also available in black or brown; $142.

Above: Pia Wallen’s 100 Percent Wool Crux Blanket is on every modernist’s wish list; $602.

Above L: Salt-Glazed Coffee Cup by Hoganas; $13. Above R: Linen Dishcloth from Vaxbo Lin; $10.

Above: Very Swedish cookbook by Annica Triberg with photographs by Per Ranung; $30.