ISSUE 3  |  For the Kids

Shopper’s Diary: Little Fashion Gallery

January 22, 2009 4:34 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Some of the most sophisticated children’s furniture we’ve seen comes from the France/UK-based online outfit Little Fashion Gallery. We especially like pieces from Finnish designer Meri Von Renteln, who "decided to create a conceptual brand of children’s furniture that is based on a lifestyle philosophy: consume less and buy good quality products." Via the excellent Minor Details.

Above: The Nonjetable Bookcase can be hung either vertically or horizontally; €355.


Above: Oiled and whitened birch plywood Nonjetable; €890.

Above: Made of natural whitened birch (oiled and waxed), the Nonjetable Adaptable Bed consists of three large storage areas (providing more than 330 litres of volume) that can also be used for other purposes. The two side chests can serve as bedside tables, and the chest at the end of the bed can serve as either a bench or a table. The  set includes a cotton mattress and costs €2,298.