ISSUE 14  |  Parisian Color

Shopper’s Diary: E. Dehillerin in Paris

April 08, 2011 7:27 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

The premier go-to source for kitchenware in Paris is E. Dehillerin, located in the city's deuxieme arrondissement. Founded in 1820, the venerable store sells a wide variety of kitchen tools and cookware and is an essential destination for chefs and culinary historians everywhere. The store is a throwback to a traditional neighborhood emporium; the walls (and even the ceiling) are lined with copper pans, kitchen paraphernalia, and classic cooking implements not seen everywhere. Go to is E. Dehillerin, for more information (online commerce is available).

Above: The traditional Dehillerin storefront in the heart of Paris.

Above two photos: Dehillerin sells an extensive array of copperware, including the champagne bucket, fondue set, and stockpot seen above.

Above R: Dehillerin's own line of knives.

Above: Pots hang from a pegboard rack.

Above: Utensils are suspended from simple wire and rope hangers.