ISSUE 41  |  Patterns & Prints

Shopper’s Diary: Drummonds Showroom in London

October 15, 2010 6:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

The new Sophie Conran paint collection for Drummonds in the UK inspired us to take a look at her design for the company's London showroom. Drummonds started out sourcing architectural antiques and is now known for its high-quality reproductions of historic designs. When the company redesigned its showroom, they commissioned Conran to create seven distinct tableaux within the space; she unleashed a daring color palette, painting the shop's exterior an unexpected shade of purple, and introducing bold shades to the line. Go to Drummonds to see the full line.

Above: The Drummonds storefront, as reimagined by Sophie Conran.

Above: The Tay Bath features a mirror finish.

Above: The Spey Roll Top Bath in Mrs. Peacock, one of Conran's new colors (her range of high-gloss paint colors includes 10 shades with names such as Lipstick Red).

Above: The unusually deep Torridge Bath.