ISSUE 74  |  The Kids Are All Right

Fanciful Wallpaper by Little Cube

May 31, 2013 1:30 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Little Cube, the brainchild of Paris-based illustrator and designer Sarah Betts is about playful wallpaper and other textiles for children and their dreams–the next best thing to having an illustrated storybook on their nursery or bedroom walls.

Above: Alexa’s just come back from Paris (she’ll be showing us all her finds next week), so it’s not a surprise that Paris is her favorite print in this series.

Above: Lions & Tigers is for all those who dream or have dreamt about joining the circus; £165 per roll.

Above: For those who are color shy, Frames offers a more neutral background. 

Above: Birdcages has a soft pastel palette. 

Above: Summer Rabbits will remind children of their favorite season all year round. Little Cube wallpapers are available through Bouf with free shipping on all US, UK, and Europe orders. 

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