Pioneer Kitchenware from Jacob Bromwell by

Issue 79 · Made in America · July 4, 2013

Pioneer Kitchenware from Jacob Bromwell

Issue 79 · Made in America · July 4, 2013

Jacob Bromwell's eponymous company has been manufacturing kitchenware since this country was a mere 22 states, making it the thirty-fourth oldest owner and operated company in USA.  Fulfilling the demands and needs of his fellow pioneers with well made, cutting-edge designs, Bromwell's products are still relevant today.

Jacob Bromwell Grater Pyramid Toaster| Remodelista

Above: Banish another countertop appliance with the Pyramid Toaster. Lightweight, non-electric, and easy to store, it's an ingenious way to cook toast over a gas stove top with a time-tested design that disperses heat evenly through slots on either side; $44.99.

Jacob Bromwell Popcorn Popper | Remodelista

Above: In its 190th year of production, the Original Popcorn Maker is simple and easy to use; $74.99. 

Jacob Bromwell Grater | Remodelista

Above: Invented by Jacob Bromwell in 1819, the versatile Morgan's Famous Grater features fine, medium, and coarse grating surfaces as well as a slicing surface; $34.99.

Jacob Bromwell Legendary Colander | Remodelista

Above: One of the most useful items items in your kitchen, the Legendary Colander will last forever; $74.99.

Jacob Bromwell Tin Cup | Remodelista

Above: The Bromwell Classic Tin Cup is handcrafted without welds, soldering, or rivets; $44.99.

Many of Jacob Bromwell's products were designed for cooking over campfires of the frontier.  See 10 Easy Pieces: Portable Grills and channel your inner pioneer.  



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