ISSUE 27  |  Urban Outdoors

Outdoors: New York Rooftop Garden Roundup

July 08, 2011 10:30 AM

BY Julie Carlson

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The ultimate luxury for city dwellers? A balcony, a terrace, a rooftop garden—no matter how diminutive—for cultivating a bit of green in the urban cityscape.

Above: A terrace garden in Chelsea featuring custom-designed planter beds intermixed with pots of varied shape and size by Brook Landscape.

Above: A downtown terrace garden by Goode Green (winner of an AIA Excellence Award).

Above: A terrace garden planted with fast-growing bamboo, photographed by Norman McGrath for Rooftop Gardens (Rizzoli); via Treehugger.

Above: A penthouse garden by New York architects Rogers Marvel.

Above: A planter by Verdant Gardens features a mix of blooms.

Above: LA-based Elysian Landscapes created a California-style roof garden in New York.

Above: A sliver of outdoor space in a project by Dufner Heighes.

Above: A terrace garden by NY architects Rogers Marvel.

Above: An outdoor fireplace in a West Village project by MADE LLC.

Above: A must-read for the urban gardener: the just-published New York Rooftop Gardens, with photos by Charles de Vaivre, is $37.77 at Amazon. N.B. For a preview of images from the book, go to Charles de Vaivre.