Single-Ingredient Holiday Decor, 10 Ideas by

Issue 102 · True North · December 13, 2013

Single-Ingredient Holiday Decor, 10 Ideas

Issue 102 · True North · December 13, 2013

Some of us are geniuses at Remodelista when it comes to floral arrangements (Alexa, are you reading this?). Others, not so much (self included). That's why I gravitate toward the single-ingredient arrangement—it's amazing how nice a pine branch stuck in a bottle can look.

Pine Branch Scandinavian Decor Remodelista

Above: A single pine branch, via RAW design blog.

Fern Wreath Remodelista

Above: Ferns as wreaths? Genius; they won't last more than a couple of days, but good for a party. Via Batixa.

Pine Branch Holiday Deocr Remodelista

Above: A single pine bough; courtesy of By Fryd.

Bo Bedre Branch/Remodelista

Above: Pine boughs under glass; via Bo Bedre.

Instant Holiday Table Remodelista

Above: Our own Alexa recently put together a DIY holiday table with a couple of evergreen branches as a centerpiece (we'll be copying this one).

DIY Pine Cone Holiday Garland | Remodelista

Above: Pine cones strung on a cord; I'll be trying this at home.

Sunday Suppers Greenery/Remodelista

Above: Delicate pine branches as centerpiece, via Sunday Suppers.

Plateful of Love Greenery/Remodelista

Above: A simple holiday table via Plateful of Love.

Chicken Wire Pine Cones Remodelista

Above: Pine cones corralled in chicken wire? Yes. Via Caisa K.

Spruce Arrangement Remodelista

Above: A simple bowl of pine needles and you're done; via Accessorize Your Home.

Holiday Decor Remodelista

Above: Our resident low-key holiday pine branch arranger Justine has it covered.

Want more holiday decorating ideas? See Scandinavian Holiday Decor, Fire Included.

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