ISSUE 11  |  Weekend Projects

Mr. and Mrs. White: A Design Love Story

March 17, 2015 11:00 AM

BY Julie Carlson

Meet the charming Mr. and Mrs. White of Sydney, Australia, who “got married young, some would say too young,” as Sasha (the wife) says. “But we didn’t care. When you know, you know. And six years later we have a business and two daughters.”

Their business was born when Nathan, who completed a four-year shipwright apprenticeship, segued into furniture making after feeling that “something was missing,” and Sasha, after finishing university with a degree in graphic design, found herself “meddling with a sewing machine.”

“Suddenly everything seemed a little clearer. The smell of timber, the touch of linen, that giddy feeling from seeing a concept sketch become something tangible. So, in short, Mr. White makes the furniture and Mrs. White makes the textiles. We are all about simple, honest, handmade design with a focus on the natural beauty of the material, whether it be recycled timber, linen, or leather.” 

Above: A Beam Bed made from plywood is $1,200 AUD ($914 USD).

Above: Round Leather Floor Cushions are $185 AUD ($140.93 USD).

Above: The American oak Atelier Desk is $2,265 AUD ($1,725 USD).

Above: A pack of Two Linen Tea Towels is $40 AUD ($30 USD).

Above: The Beam Bed made of American oak is $2,300 AUD ($1,760 USD).

Above: The Box Leg Table in American oak is $3,080 AUD ($2,346 USD).

Above: The Box Drawers made of American ply are $1,630 AUD ($1,242 USD).

Above: The Kiss Cuddle Side Table in American oak is $680 AUD ($518 USD). See the full collection at Mr and Mrs White.

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