Joinery in Williamsburg by

Issue 13 · Rite of Spring · March 30, 2012

Joinery in Williamsburg

Issue 13 · Rite of Spring · March 30, 2012

The Williamsburg boutique Joinery started with a woman and a blowtorch: The blowtorch was used to char the ceiling to the perfect shade of aged brown.

Joinery is owned by Angela Silva and though not a business partner, her boyfriend Emil Corsilo is also the owner of men's store Hickoree’s Hard Goods. Silva designed the store on a budget by opening up the interior, painting the dark walls white, and installing oiled-pine floors. She also burned the ceiling beams with the shou-sugi-ban technique (where wood is burned, brushed, washed, and oiled). Joinery sells women’s and men’s clothing, utilitarian home goods, and vintage accessories, along with an exclusive collection of Brazilian blankets and rugs sourced by Silva (who is half-Brazilian). The Joinery website is still in the works; for the moment, contact Joinery for information on purchasing products.

Photography by Michael A. Muller (except where noted).

Joinery store in Brooklyn, New York

Above: Joinery is located at 263 South 1st Street in Brooklyn.

Textiles from Brazil

Above: Silva travels to a remote Brazilian town, Resende Costa, to source hand-woven blankets and rugs. "Everyone there is either a weaver themselves or a shop owner selling textiles," says Silva. New at Joinery are vegetable-dyed straw mats also from Resende Costa; read more about them on the Joinery blog.

Floral top and tote bag by Ffixxed

Above: A floral top by H. Fredriksson ($250) and light leather tote by Ffixxed ($144).

Vintage steel clothing hangers

Above: Silva has always collected antique furniture and vintage finds, like these steel clothing hangers.

Bags and lingerie at Joinery in New York

Above: A red clutch from UK designer Mimi Berry ($190) and indigo lingerie from Toronto-based company Fortnight. The top of the antique credenza was charred by Silva to deal with water-damaged wood.

Jewelry from Erin Considine and mirrors

Above: Necklaces by of-the-moment New York artist Erin Considine (shown on the left); $75 to $115. Metal cuff bracelets by Kora ($210 each) are arranged on a bed of dried moss.

Barrett Alley leather pouches

Above: Made in Texas by Barrett Alley, the leather envelope wallet is $95.

Wooden pine floors and tumbleweeds

Above: The wooden floors are pine, finished with Osmo Top Oil.

Lindsey Adelman lighting

Above: The lighting is from New York designer Lindsey Adelman's You Make It series.

Tumbleweeds as decor

Above: Tumbleweeds peek out from underneath display tables and in the corners of the store; they were sourced from Prairie Tumbleweed Farm in Kansas.

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