ISSUE 16  |  The California Life

Ikea Upgrade: New Legs from Pretty Pegs

April 20, 2012 5:30 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

There's a lot to like about Ikea furniture (the simplicity, the impossibly low prices), but the legs can be problematic. Solve the issue with Pretty Pegs, a new line of custom furniture legs.

Swedish couple Mikael Söderblom and Jana Cagin got the idea for Pretty Pegs during a couch shopping visit to Ikea: They were disappointed in the leg options, which spurred them on to create Stockholm-based Pretty Pegs, an online shop offering a leg collection that works as an alternative to the standard Ikea legs. The legs easily screw into the bases of Ikea pieces and come in a variety of shapes and colors. "Our vision is to create a new way of presenting rooms by adding color and personality to furniture," they say. "And just like your favorite pair of shoes, they complete the look."

Above: The Pretty Pegs Collection.

Above L: Siri in pink; €89. Above R: Evy in grey; €105. All legs are available in several color combinations and come in a pack of four.

Above L: Dagmar in ash wood and orange; €95. Above R: Aldor in yellow; €85.

Above: Estelle in teak and brass toe; €130.