ISSUE 46  |  Harvest

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Arborist

November 15, 2012 8:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

A roundup of gifts for the forester, logger, or general treehugger in your life.

N.B.: To make sure we've got everyone on your list covered, see all of our gift guides to date in our House Gifts section.

Above: Made by Portland-based architect Brendon Farrell along with Javid Howell, the Trees Series #1 Stamp features select tree species current to the Cascadia region of the Northwest. Made in limited quantities, they stamp sets are made from Douglas Fir, Oregon White Oak, and Apple; the Northwest Rubber Stamp Set is $78 from Canoe in Portland, OR.

Above: When it comes to axes, we tend to turn toward Best Made Co. whose American Felling Axe is stained and stamped with the virtue "Fortitude." Made from high carbon American steel and drop forged in North Carolina and has a helve made from is Appalachian hickory; $250.

Above: Wood Boxes from the Forest are carved from a variety of tree species and lightly finished; $60 each from The General Store.

Above: The Willow Fruit Picker from the British Royal Horticulture Society can be attached to a stick or handle for added reach; £24.99. For more options, see our post Picking Fruit the Easy Way.